Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

For many people it is a great desire to visit Yosemite National Park. This world famous Park is a popular park, both with tourists and Americans. The national park is located in central California, near San Francisco and the Nevada border. This highlight owes its popularity to the impressive sights that can be found in the park. The combination of wildlife and beautiful landscapes also make this a unique park! We therefore definitely recommend visiting Yosemite National Park when you go to the United States.

Visit to Yosemite National Park

According to indexdotcom, Yosemite National Park is located in Yosemite Valley, a beautiful valley carved by a glacier. In the park you will find a great wealth of different nature areas. Fresh green forests, swirling rivers and granite cliffs characterize the landscape. In addition to densely vegetated areas, there are also open plains and vast meadows, where you have a good chance of spotting animals! Yosemite is part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, making the park very rugged and mountainous.

Yosemite is home to several forests, including oak, sequoia, and pine forests. These forests are part of a huge forest area, which is home to many unique, native animal species. Impressive animals such as the black bear, lynx and puma can be found here. You can also encounter the yellow-bellied marmot, snakes and mule deer here. So there is plenty of wildlife to see during your visit to Yosemite National Park!


There are many natural phenomena and sights to discover in this fascinating nature reserve. You will encounter many waterfalls and rivers in Yosemite Valley, including the Merced River that flows along the road. Of the many waterfalls in the park, Yosemite Falls , at almost 800 meters high, is the most famous. This waterfall consists of three parts that together provide an overwhelming roar. When you decide to visit Yosemite National Park, you should definitely not miss this! Other places of interest are:

  • This semicircular mountain peak is the image of Yosemite National Park. The impressive Half Dome is about 1200 meters high and is popular among mountaineers.
  • The Three Brothers. This fascinating rock formation is a reminder of the valley’s past, when the Ahwahnechee Indians still lived here. The three points of the mountain range refer to the three sons of Chief Tenaya, the chief of the Ahwahnechee.
  • El Capitan. This colorful monolith is the largest in the world and is visible throughout Yosemite at 900 meters. This mountain is also widely climbed and is a popular stop among people visiting Yosemite National Park.
  • Glacier Point. Glacier Point is located at nearly 3,000 feet elevation and is arguably the most beautiful vantage point in the entire Yosemite Valley. From Glacier Point, the park is at your feet and you can overlook impressive mountains and valleys. An indescribable experience!
  • Mariposa Grove. In the south of Yosemite is Mariposa, where ancient sequoia trees can be admired. There are about 500 trees, all of which have been given a name. Some are 3000 years old! The most famous sequoia trees are Grizzly Giant (probably the oldest in the world), California Tunnel Tree (a tunnel for cars has been carved into it) and Faithful Couple (two trees that have grown together).


The many people who visit Yosemite National Park every year can attest to the fact that there is a lot to do in the park. Camping, fishing, hiking, and guided tours are popular activities among visitors. When you decide to visit Yosemite National Park, you should try at least one of these activities. That way you get to know nature much better. Hikers can really let off steam in Yosemite. There are many routes that lead to the above and many more places. Some nice trails are McGurk Meadow, Ostrander Lake Trail and Traft Trail. Many shuttle buses also run through the park to all kinds of sights.

Yosemite National Park can also be explored by car. Several roads have been built through the park to various points of interest. Of course you can also explore Yosemite Valley yourself and discover the area on your own. When visiting the park by car, Tioga Road is a must. This road is the highest in the US and takes you past alpine meadows, rivers and mountain lakes.


You can visit Yosemite National Park via different routes. However, due to the sometimes extreme weather conditions, roads to and in the park may be closed. It is therefore important to check this before your visit. The park has five entrances:

  • Tioga Pass Entrance (east)
  • Arch Rock Entrance (west)
  • Big Oak Flat Entrance (west)
  • Hetch Hetchy Entrance (west)
  • South Entrance (south)

Yosemite National Park