York St John University 4

York St John University

The university is beautiful and clear and less than a 5-minute walk from the city center and Münster. The campus offers enough opportunities to eat, meet in small or large groups, and relax – both indoors and outdoors. The main meeting point is the great library with student-friendly opening times or the “Students Union” which has a small canteen, a student shop and a bar.

The service and advice desk provides information on various topics during normal business hours and there is always staff who are happy to help.

The preparations and lectures as part of the class (Postgraduate Business School) are demanding. Compared to German universities, the UK relies on self-employment. Each lesson must be prepared. At the beginning of the semester, or at least a few days before the next unit, the materials to be read and analyzed are announced, and sometimes term papers are given. The amount of work during the semester is not to be underestimated, but there is usually no “exam stress”, as many courses end with seminar papers (essays or reports). Participation in the class is assumed and attendance is meticulously checked. If a student misses more than two units, he will be informed by e-mail that the absence has been noticed and what consequences are imminent should this occur more frequently.

The application process

For the application at the York St John comparatively requires regarding low conditions. The language skills (5.5-6 IELTS), which can lead to parts in class with a high proportion International to difficulties within the meaning of communication problems beginning of the semester. The application process is quick and unproblematic with little effort. Neither a letter of recommendation nor a letter of motivation is required, only the completed application form and the transcript of records with the certified achievements of the course that have been achieved so far. The International Office is also available for questions about applications.

The application form calls for a specification of modules. So students need to decide in advance which courses or programs they want to take. The module handbooks, which describe each course in detail, are available for inspection from previous years. The service to be provided and the course of the courses are explained here, along with the requirements for participation. It is advisable to base your choice of course on this knowledge. Furthermore, the module directors are usually very committed and are available for questions, discussions, etc. at any time.

Arrival and Welcome Week

For the weekend before the “Welcome Week” (September 2nd weekend), the International Office provided an organized transfer from the airport to the university and from the university to the accommodation. Students from York St John intercepted those arriving in the arrivals hall at Manchester Airport and escorted them to the train station, where buses to York ran every two hours. So you have already had the opportunity to get to know other “internationals” and benefit from the experiences of the York students.

The Welcome Week was excellently organized and helped to find one’s way around the new environment. From the university library to banking to the police, all English peculiarities were explained. City walks, excursions and the “Freshers Fair” rounded off the first week. Changes of course etc. could also be done at short notice in the first week.


The university can be reached in less than 20 minutes from all student accommodation. Supermarkets are usually also nearby. Nice staff can be found in the accommodation office for a few hours 4 days a week and are very helpful within the scope of the available possibilities. The rooms are furnished with two chairs, a bed with a mattress, a desk, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

Using the example of the student accommodation Heworth Court:

Five students share a house, each has a room and there is a bathroom with a shower on the upper floor and a bathroom in the basement. The kitchen in the basement is there for everyone and has a stove, oven, sink and a small fridge and freezer as well as tables and chairs. There are no other kitchen appliances or even cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils. These can be brought along or bought on site. The latter is recommended to share any purchases such as kettles etc. among the roommates. Upon arrival, there is still a package with a blanket, pillow, covers and a fitted sheet on each bed. The washing machines (for a fee: laundry = 2.20 p., Dryer 1.20 p.) Are available for everyone on the premises and can be used at any time (day, night). Compared to German student accommodation, the English ones are quite expensive and not very comfortable (e.g.> 4,000 pounds / year in a 5-person house, shared apartment). With the exception of two accommodations (City), they are also getting on in years. Often something is broken or broken, but is usually repaired quickly. It is allowed to receive visitors for up to two days in a row. Additional mattresses and bedding are also available for this. It is not controlled when / who / how long is visiting. An agreement with the roommates is not absolutely necessary, but of course recommended. up to two days in a row. Additional mattresses and bedding are also available for this. It is not controlled when / who / how long is visiting. An agreement with the roommates is not absolutely necessary, but of course recommended. up to two days in a row. Additional mattresses and bedding are also available for this. It is not controlled when / who / how long is visiting. An agreement with the roommates is not absolutely necessary, but of course recommended.

Many internationals are accommodated in the university accommodation. Renting in private households for a few months is also possible, but is rarely offered and accordingly rarely used.

If you are not afraid of driving on the left, you can buy a bike cheaply at various bike shops. Many shops offer bike buy-backs for students.

Students Union and Societies / Sports

The “Students Union” and the “Societies” are excellently organized. There are great offers from rugby to choir. One semester membership is available for international students and costs £ 25. In addition to numerous activities related to the topic of society, there are excursions and many evenings together, so-called “socials”, where people meet for pizza and the cinema or to party. Those who choose one or more societies hardly have to spend an evening alone – if they don’t want to.


There are wonderful ways to travel from York. Good deals for renting a car as soon as you are older than 25 – otherwise it will be expensive.

But York also has great train connections:

  • York – Manchester Airport 1:45
  • Manchester Piccadilli 1:30
  • London 1:50 (express train)
  • Newcastle 1:00 am
  • Edinburgh 3:00

Traveling by train is quite cheap if you plan a few days in advance and don’t have a fixed schedule (e.g. Manchester Airport from 9 P). Furthermore, buses run every hour from Leeds via York to the east coast, so Whitby, Scarborough etc. can be reached easily and cheaply. York itself and the immediate vicinity can also be explored: the cathedral, numerous museums and galleries, gardens, churches and the well-preserved city wall, which is ideal for long walks. In addition, York has many opportunities to pass the time: shopping, pubs and clubs, cinemas and much more.

You should have your student ID ready at all times, because there are great offers and discounts waiting in and around York – from pizza delivery services to taxi companies. Furthermore, York is a very safe city in which you can feel comfortable – even as a non-native.

Many great excursions are also organized during the semester via the “Students Union” or the International Office (e.g. Whitby, Liverpool). The cards are very cheap (£ 10) and sell out quickly. Day trips with bus transfer and on site everyone can discover the city for themselves.

Overall impression

Overall, I was very satisfied with my semester abroad in York at the University of St John. Ultimately, however, it is up to everyone what to do with the opportunity and time there. Due to the large number of international students and thus also German students, there is a risk of speaking little English outside of the classroom. It is therefore advisable to get involved in a society or at least take part and thus mingle with the English people.

York St John University 4