Wyoming Overview

Wyoming Overview

Wyoming is a state in which relatively few people live, but which has all the more nature and landscapes to offer.
Wyoming has vast plains as well as the Rocky Mountains (which are great for climbing and hiking).
Two national parks and two natural monuments provide variety, even if the beautiful landscape itself has a lot to offer. One of the national parks is Yellowstone National Park, which is one of the most famous and popular parks in the United States.
The cattle and sheep breeding is traditionally one of the most important industries in Wyoming. You can still find farms in the typical American style and large herds of sheep and cattle there.
If you want a break from everyday life and the stress of the city on vacation, you will find it in Wyoming. The regions with their landscapes reminiscent of classic films from the Wild West are particularly beautiful and appealing.

Wyoming – key data

Land area: 253,348 sq km (ranked 10th of all US states)

Share of water surface: 0.7%

Population: 532,668 residents (2008 estimate, ranked 50th of all states in the USA)

Population density: 2.1 residents per square kilometer (49th place of all states in the USA)

Member of the USA since: July 10, 1890 (44th state in the USA)

Capital city: Cheyenne (53,011 residents, 2000, metropolitan area 81,607 residents)

Largest city: Cheyenne

Highest point: 4,210 m, Gannet Peak

Lowest point: 945 m, Belle Fourche River

Governor: Dave Freudenthal (Democrat)

Local time: CET -8 h. From the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November: CET -7 h.
The time difference to Central Europe is -8 h ​​in both winter and summer.

Postal abbreviation: WY

Wyoming Landmarks

According to ehotelat, Wyoming is one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. Most of Yellowstone Park is located in the American state. It is known for its deep canyons, geysers and spectacular waterfalls. The park has been a World Heritage Site since 1978.

Wyoming also has other sights and attractions to offer. The Wyoming State Museum is definitely not to be missed. In the museum, the history of the state of Wyoming is brought closer to its visitors.

But the Buffalo Bill Museum is also worth a visit. As you can see from the name, this is a western museum.
Also worth seeing is the State Capitol in Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming. The State Capitol is now the seat of Wyoming’s Parliament.

Nature lovers in particular should not miss the Grand Teton National Park. There is a fantastic landscape here, as well as a diverse flora and fauna.

The Devils Tower is also worth seeing. The tower is located at the beginning of the Black Hills in the eastern part of Wyoming. It is 290 meters high and 300 meters in diameter. The Devils Tower is of natural origin and consists entirely of cold magma.

The Ayeres Natural Bridge should definitely be seen. The bridge is fifty meters wide and eight meters high. But it was not built by human hands. The Ayeres Natural Bridge is of natural origin.

Wyoming Overview