Where do MBA Graduates Want to Work

Where do MBA Graduates Want to Work?

Taking an MBA is always related to a professional vision and finding job opportunities in the areas of interest of each of the students, but what are these areas? Today we will tell you where MBA graduates want to work

Every year thousands and thousands of MBA’s are awarded to outstanding students who manage to accredit this process effectively, this exercise that has been carried out for several decades, allows us to obtain the necessary data to segment the interests of each of them and obtain important information such as knowing where they want to work once they finish their preparation.

Where do MBA Graduates Want to Work

According to a recent study by Training the Street, most of them want to find a position within the banking environment, although in more recent times, a large part of MBA graduates want to work in Startups.

Out of 300 interviewees within the first and second cycle of MBA studies, 26.3% chose banking institutions as their first option, 16.7% would opt for consulting firms, 7.2% for services related to banks, and almost 10% favor banking institutions. Startups, the rest are divided into minority fields such as hedge funds or research departments as shown in the table.

Although the field of banking continues to lead this statistic, important changes are expected within the next few years, due to the importance that technology has taken in the business world and the money that moves within this sector.

It will be interesting to know the result of this survey carried out on MBA graduates in one, two and three years to see this evolution, in the meantime we would like to know what is your job objective after completing an MBA? And remember, at Grad School Guru we specialize in preparing you to achieve your goals and take your MBA at the institution of your choice.

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85% of Employers Seek to Hire More MBAs this 2017

This 2017 is shaping up as the year in which employers will seek to take advantage of the experience of MBA’s more than ever, according to statistics, 85% of them will be incorporating more business specialists into their ranks.

It is not a secret that in order to study an MBA abroad, it is necessary to have the financial capacities to pay for the expenses generated by this type of activity, this makes MBA applicants often question whether or not it is the right better choice.

And this is because, on average, an MBA can cost up to $ 70,000 usd, but with peace of mind we can tell you that having an MBA in your CV will open many doors and professional opportunities, especially because of how this 2017 looks.

According to El Economista, the interest of companies in hiring talent with an MBA will increase by more than 85%, this is a figure that ensures almost double the growth in this demand, and it is this same medium that identifies the three main characteristics that companies look at and these are:

A) Experience

Without a doubt, experience plays an extremely important role when choosing professional prospects and adding them to their ranks, so in addition to having an MBA, it is important that your professional experience can support your proposal when you approach a company.

B) Attitude

This is a point that can lead you to achieve or not a job position and especially to go far in your professional career in the business world, since it is often your attitude and the way you conduct yourself, which speaks of you and your potential.

C) Salary

Finally, your economic aspirations are the last important part of this decision that companies must make, this does not mean that you do not aspire to large salaries but that you have the ability to analyze the size of the companies and how far you can go with your demands.

This 2017 surely opens up new alternatives and opportunities to take advantage of an MBA abroad.