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Marriage is one of the most important stages in the life of a couple, especially the woman. For two people who love each other, marriage means the joining of two separate lives into one, means love at all times, including the most difficult, means sharing everything. For women, in addition to the affective meaning, marriage is still part of a dream and for many it is a true achievement.

As important as the famous wedding dress, it is the lingerie chosen by the bride for the wedding night, as this famous night is the first time the couple will be together as husband and wife.

To make the honeymoon even more beautiful and special, check out some of the new features launched in  bridal lingerie for 2013:

H & M

H & M, a leading brand in lingerie, has revealed that the  2013 underwear collection will be in the shine on style, with glitter, glitter and seduction. There are several models of lingerie, from the most demure and comfortable to smaller models, dug and sexy, all with a lot of brightness, ideal for those brides most rebellious, who prefer to escape the income, so traditional among brides.

Lalá Rudge

The blogger and socialite from São Paulo, Lalá Rudge has just launched her first intimate fashion collection entitled La Rouge Belle. The lingerie brand has wonderful pieces with lots of lace, colors, vintage style models, and a  line of lingerie for brides , a real charm.

Lalá Rudge’s lingerie for the bride has a very romantic look, with delicate pieces, transparency, embroidery, light colors such as white and cream, robes and everything a bride needs to ruin her wedding night and throughout her wedding.


Hope, one of the most famous lingerie brands in the world, has a new  lingerie collection 2013 , with very innovative colors and models. The biggest highlights of the brand are the pieces of the collection signed by Helena Bordon, one of the biggest it-girls in São Paulo, a young woman who is inside the fashion world and who creates trends.

Helena’s collection has colorful pieces, well-built bras, differentiated models, sexy garters and many pieces that blend color with lace, something that fits very well for brides who like to innovate and get away from the simple lingerie.


What’s New?

What’s New?

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