What are the Best Paid Majors in Peru

What are the Best Paid Majors in Peru?

Choosing a career always entails a time of reflection and a number of questions that we must inevitably ask ourselves when choosing one, without a doubt one of them is which of those careers is the best paid? Today we answer this question.

In Peru there is a great offer in terms of careers taught by institutions, but it is important to have those professionals who have international training, specifically all those MBA’s, this coming and going between supply and demand within the world of work gives us interesting data when we want to know which are the best paid careers in Peru.

It is the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) that is promoting, through its internet portal, that students take the time to learn more about what expectations they have after completing one or another career, this thanks to statistics and information available on this same portal.

What are the Best Paid Majors in Peru

According to these numbers we learn that the careers that lead this list are Civil Engineering with an average payment of $ 1,065 USD per month along with Geology that handles the same number. Further down the list we find Metallurgy, Mining and Petroleum Engineering with an average base salary of $ 1,044 usd followed by electrical engineering with $ 1,010 USD to bid and Telecommunications Engineering with $ 944 USD.

So we find that engineering related to energy, infrastructure and raw materials are the ones that top these lists. The MTPE also comments that technical careers are gaining strength but without a doubt, it is administrative and business managerial positions that are most coveted and that can pay much more than other careers because the required profiles must meet with very special characteristics, and that is where MBA graduates enter.

Now you know the careers with the best base pay in Peru and the opportunity you have if you have an MBA, which can even put you above these income averages.

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Ranking of MBAs in Peru worldwide

It is very true that rankings, also known as rankings, are relative. Even so, it is convenient to know what place the universities that you are most likely considering occupy to carry out your professional education. We will dedicate this article to introduce you to the most outstanding universities in terms of MBAs.

Ranking worldwide of MBAs by its importance according to applicants.

1.-Harvard Business School (US)

2.-Stanford University (US)

3.-University of Pennsylvania – Wharton (US)

  • The best MBA in Latin America is:

EGADE – Tecnol├│gico de Monterrey (Mexico)

  • The best MBA in Peru is:


This ranking of MBAs actively focuses on a global survey and hiring criteria of MBA employers who after all based on their experience are in a position to evaluate the quality of a school.

Some characteristics to consider of this classification of world MBAs are the following;

  • Rankings categorized into five regions: Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and North America (the US & Canada).
  • Expert feedback based on your knowledge.
  • Demographic data presented for each school.

Top 200 MBA programs from around the world, ranked based on data gathered from 5,669 actively hiring, international MBA recruiters, and 7,187 academics.

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