US 331 in Alabama

US 29 and 331 in Alabama

US 29 in Alabama

US 29
Get started Flomaton
End Lanett
Length 227 mi
Length 365 km






Union Springs







US 29 is a US Highway in the US state of Alabama. The road forms a north-south route in the southeast of the state, running from the Florida border at Flomaton to the Georgia border at Lanett. On the way, the route mainly visits small regional towns. The road is 365 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 29 at Tuskegee

US 29 in Florida crosses the Alabama border at the village of Flomaton. The road exits the city of Pensacola in the south and has 2×2 lanes. Immediately after the border, a double numbering of more than 20 kilometers starts with the US 31, the road from Mobile to Montgomery. The road then heads east through the Conecuh National Forest, a flat to sloping area with many forests. It then follows about 80 kilometers through the woods to the town of Andalusia, where one crosses the US 84, the road from Laurel to Dothan. The road then heads north, passing through a few towns and then being double-numbered for 15 kilometers with US 331, the road from De Funiak Springs in Floridato the capital Montgomery in the north. This double numbering also has 2×2 lanes. The road then curves east again, and after 30 kilometers reaches the town of Troy, where it crosses US 231, the 2×2 main road from Montgomery to Dothan.

The road then continues eastward, then bends north before reaching the village of Union Springs after 70 kilometers, where it intersects US 82, the road from Montgomery to Eufaula on the border with Georgia. The road then continues through the woods to the north and after more than 30 kilometers reaches the town of Tuskegee. The road here is double numbered with US 80, the road from Montgomery to the city of Columbus in Georgia. Near Auburn you then cross the Interstate 85, the highway from Montgomery to Atlanta. The road then runs just north of I-85 and passes through the small conurbation with a total of 131,000 inhabitants. In the twin town of Opelika, one crosses US 280, the 2×2 trunk road from Birmingham to Columbus, and US 431, the road from Columbus to Anniston in the north. The road then continues east of I-85 and crosses I-85 at Valley in the valley of the Chattahoochee River for the last time. You will then pass through the town of Lanett, after which US 29 continues in Georgia to Atlanta.

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US 29 was one of the original US Highways of 1926, its southern terminus being Tuskegee at the time. In 1934 the southern terminus was changed to Brewton. In 1936, the next extension to Pensacola, Florida, completed the entire route through Alabama.

US 29 was one of the minor US Highways because it does not connect major cities. Therefore, no Interstate Highway has been constructed directly off US 29 in Alabama, except for the northernmost section between Tuskegee and the Georgia border, where Interstate 85 was constructed between 1963 and 1966, rendering this section of US 29 no through-interest. had more.

The section between Brewton and Flomaton was widened in two phases to a 2×2 divided highway, the approach road from Brewton was widened to 2×2 lanes around 1970, the further widening to Flomaton was carried out in the 1990s. The section double-numbered with US 331 between Brantley and Luverne was widened to 2×2 lanes around 1998.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 6,500 to 12,700 vehicles drive on the four-lane section between Flomaton and Brewton, dropping to 1,400 vehicles between Brewton and Andalusia. Between Andalusia and Luverne, 1,500 to 3,000 vehicles and 6,300 vehicles drove on the four-lane section south of Luverne. Between Luverne and Troy, 3,000 to 3,800 vehicles and 1,000 to 2,400 vehicles ran between Troy and Union Springs. This increases slightly to 2,100 to 2,700 vehicles between Union Springs and Tuskegee and 3,000 to 4,000 vehicles between Tuskegee and Auburn. Auburn and Opelika have 15,000 to 30,000 vehicles, the busiest section of US 29, which runs through built-up areas. Further north, 3,000 to 6,500 vehicles run between Opelika and Valley and 24,000 vehicles between Valley and I-85. The last section near the Georgia border has 12,000 vehicles.

US 331 in Alabama

US 331
Get started Montgomery
End florala
Length 102 mi
Length 164 km



US 331 is a US Highway in the US state of Alabama. The road forms a north-south route in the south of the state, from the state capital Montgomery to the Florida border at Florala. The route is 164 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 80, US 82 and US 331 in Montgomery.

US 331 begins at a major intersection with 2×2 US 80, which is double-numbered with US 82, forming the southern ring of Montgomery. US 331 then has 2×2 lanes for a short time and then heads south through a largely wooded area. The road then runs south for 75 kilometers, until at Luverne a double numbering of 15 kilometers begins with US 29, the road from Pensacola in Florida to Columbus in Georgia. This lasts until Brantley and has 2×2 lanes. Then the road continues for 25 miles to the town of Opp, the largest town in Alabama south of Montgomery on the route. There is a 2×2 ring road around Opp. One crosses theUS 84, the main road from Andalusia to the town of Dothan in the east. Then the road continues for more than 35 kilometers until Florala on the border with Florida. The US 331 in Florida then continues towards De Funiak Springs.


Before the current US 331 was introduced, with the creation of the US Highways in 1926, US 331 already existed between Pensacola, Florida and Flomaton, Alabama. This was a short route that became part of US 29 in 1936.

Today’s US 331 was added to the US Highways network in 1952. The route between Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and Montgomery, Alabama has not changed since then.

Some upgrades have been made to US 331. The section double-numbered with US 29 between Brantley and Luverne was widened to 2×2 lanes around 1998. In the period 1998-2001, the Opp bypass was constructed, along which US 84 also runs. South of Montgomery, an approximately 25-kilometer stretch has been widened to 2×2 lanes. This was carried out in phases from north to south between 2000 and 2012.

Traffic intensities

10,000 vehicles drive through southern Montgomery every day, making US 331 one of the quietest access roads to Alabama’s capital. This drops to 5,500 vehicles further outside Montgomery and 4,500 vehicles north of Luverne. The section that is double-numbered with US 29 between Luverne and Brantley has 8,000 vehicles and 2,700 vehicles further south. 3,000 vehicles drive south of Opp.

US 331 in Alabama