US 22 in New Jersey

US 206 and 22 in New Jersey

US 206 in New Jersey

US 206
Get started hammonton
End Milford
Length 131 mi
Length 210 km
  • Hammonton
  • Bordentown
  • Trenton
  • Princeton
  • Somerville
  • netcong
  • Newton
  • Milford

According to a2zdirectory, US 206 is a US Highway in the United States. The road forms a north-south route through New Jersey only and has a secondary character. The route begins in Hammonton, a village halfway between Philadelphia and Atlantic City, and travels through Trenton and the southwestern suburbs of New York to Milford, Pennsylvania. The road is 210 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Mile 0 in New Jersey.

In the Pinelands National Reserve, a vast forest area, US 206 begins at an intersection with US 30, an underlying link from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. The road then runs to Trenton 65 kilometers to the north. Despite its proximity to the major city of Philadelphia, this area is almost uninhabited. Just south of Trenton it connects with the New Jersey Turnpike and just after that the intersection with US 130 that runs parallel to the Turnpike. On the east side of Trenton it crosses Interstate 195, the highway to Neptune City on the east coast of Jersey. Shortly afterwards you cross the Interstate 295and US 206 runs downtown, then joins US 1 highway, the secondary route from Philadelphia to New York. US 206 then continues on Trenton-Princeton Road to Princeton and crosses Interstate 95 on the north side of Trenton.

US 206 then runs north through a semi-built-up area, the transition between the vast metropolitan areas of Philadelphia and New York. In Sommerville, the road merges with US 202, which comes from the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. Then you cross the US 22 which runs parallel to the Interstate 78. One then comes through the expensive suburbs in the Watchung Mountains. One crosses the Interstate 278 ring road twice, after which the US 202 turns again towards Morristown. US 206 then heads north through the countryside, just west of the busy suburbs. At Netcong one crosses Interstate 80, the highway from Cleveland to New York. One also crosses the US 46 that runs parallel to it. The road then continues through hilly northern New Jersey, which is also heavily forested. At Montague, a toll bridge crosses the Delaware River, after which the road ends at US 209 in Pennsylvania at Milford.


US 206 was added to the network in 1934. The route has not been modified in New Jersey since then. The route has never been of great importance and has therefore not been developed to a high standard. Although it sometimes runs parallel to highways, this is more coincidental than that these highways were supposed to relieve US 206. The Milford–Montague Toll Bridge on the Pennsylvania border opened to traffic on December 30, 1953. It is one of the many toll bridges over the Delaware River.

US 22 in New Jersey

US 22
Get started Philipsburg
End Newark
Length 60 mi
Length 97 km







According to babyinger, US 22 is a US Highway in the US state of New Jersey. The road forms an east-west route in the middle of the state and runs mostly parallel to Interstate 78. The road begins in Philipsburg on the Pennsylvania border and runs to Newark on US 1 and US 9. The route is 97 kilometers long.

Travel directions

In Philipsburg, US 22 begins at the toll bridge over the Delaware River. US 22 in Pennsylvania comes from Easton and Allentown and is then double numbered with Interstate 78. From Clinton, US 22 forms its own route again, a multi-lane main road. The countryside here is already becoming urbanized 70 kilometers from New York. The road has 2×2 lanes and the important connections are grade separated. One then crosses US 202 and then Interstate 287, the western ring road of the metropolitan area. The area is hilly and the buildings are not very dense. Most suburbs are very small because they are quite old. In Union one crosses theGarden State Parkway at the end of the highway then becomes a 2×2 lane highway. One then crosses a railway line with a total of 17 lanes together with I-78. US 22 then ends at an immense interchange with US 1 and US 9 at Newark Airport.


US 22 was created in 1926 and followed a historic turnpike. It was the main east-west route through New Jersey from the beginning, although it lost its through importance in the 1950s because Interstate 78 was built parallel to it. The first section opened in 1953 and I-78 was completed in 1989 when the last section opened at Philipsburg, leaving US 22 to handle through traffic to Pennsylvania for quite some time.

At Philipsburg, the Easton–Phillipsburg Toll Bridge was opened on January 14, 1938, spanning the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania border. Part of US 78 was completely abandoned as a separate route and was routed over I-78, which was opened between 1953 and 1962. The easternmost portion of US 22 was constructed as a separate freeway parallel to I-78 in Newark.

US 22 in New Jersey