US 169 in Missouri

US 159, 160 and 169 in Missouri

US 159 in Missouri

US 159
Get started Rulo
End New Point
Length 17 mi
Length 27 km
Nebraska state lineNew Point

US 159 is a US Highway in the US state of Missouri. The road runs from the Nebraska border at the Missouri River via Interstate 29 to US 59 at New Point. US 159 is 17 miles long in Missouri.

US 160 in Missouri

US 160
Begin Everything
End Poplar Bluff
Length 342 mi
Length 550 km
  • Kansas
  • Lamar
  • Greenfield
  • Springfield
  • Ozark
  • Forsyth
  • West Plains
  • Doniphan
  • Poplar Bluff

US 160 is a US Highway in the US state of Missouri. The road forms an east-west route through the south of the state, from the Kansas border through Springfield to US 67 just before Poplar Bluff. Much of the route has a secondary function, as faster connections are available between the connected regions. US 160 in Missouri is 550 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

De US 160 in Springfield.

At the village of Mindenmines, US 160 in Kansas from Pittsburg enters the state of Missouri in the southwest of the state. The road then continues east for 20 miles before crossing Interstate 49. Then the US 160 continues inland to Springfield, which is about 110 kilometers to the east. This route leads through an area with some hills and forests and a few villages. On the north side of Springfield it crosses Interstate 44. The road then runs through the west of the city and intersects on the south side with US 60, which forms the southern beltway. US 160 then runs about 60 kilometers south, a short distance parallel to US 65, which one eventually crosses near Branson, after which US 160 continues east through the southern Ozark Mountains, past Bull Shoals Lake, a large reservoir on the border of Missouri and Arkansas. The road generally remains about 15 miles from the Arkansas border and continues through the Mark Twain Forest. Then follows a 150-kilometer route to West Plains, a small town at the intersection with US 63. Then follows another 150 kilometers through the woods to the end of the road. On the way you pass only two larger villages and the road ends just before the town of Poplar Bluff on the US 67.


US 160 was added to the US Highway network in 1930. The eastern terminus at the time was the city of Springfield. In 1954 this was changed to Poplar Bluff, giving US 160 a fairly long double numbering with US 65. US 160 has never been of great ongoing importance. Although the route serves the larger city of Springfield, US 160 does not connect the city with other important places.

Traffic intensities

About 1,800 vehicles cross the Kansas border every day, and 3,600 on US 71. The section to Springfield has about 1,500 vehicles, increasing to about 17,000 vehicles in the city. South of town, it drops to 6,000 toward Branson and between 1,000 and 3,000 vehicles further east, with a low of just 250 vehicles between West Plains and Poplar Bluff.

US 169 in Missouri

US 169
Get started Kansas City
End Grant City
Length 123 mi
Length 198 km

Kansas City


St. Joseph

King City


Grant City


US 169 is a US Highway in the US state of Missouri. The road forms a north-south connection in the west of the state, from Kansas City to the Iowa border at Grant City. The route is 198 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 169 begins double-numbered with Interstate 70 on the Kansas – Missouri border in Kansas City. US 169 then turns off and crosses the Missouri River via a bridge. After that, US 169 is a 2×2 divided highway. Along Gladstone, US 169 is a 2×2 lane highway. Interstate 29 is crossed here. On the north side of Gladstone, one crosses State Route 152, an east-west highway through northern Kansas City. Then one crosses the Interstate 435, the ring road of the city. Then they leave the agglomeration.

US 169 then heads north to St. Joseph where the road is temporarily double -numbered with Interstate 29. The road then turns northeast and runs through a number of TOTSO ‘s as the main road to the Iowa border at Grant City.


US 169 was added to the US Highway network in 1930, and its southern terminus was Kansas City at the time. In 1936 the route was extended further south to Tulsa. On September 9, 1956, the Broadway Bridge over the Missouri River in Kansas City opened to traffic. Until 1991 this was still a toll bridge. US 169 was later provided with a number of grade separated intersections in northern Kansas City and is a freeway especially along Gladstone. This section is called the Arrowhead Trafficway. The part further north is of secondary importance.


It is planned to replace the Broadway Bridge over the Missouri River in Kansas City with a new bridge, called the Buck O’Neil Bridge. As part of this, US 169 will connect directly to I-35 heading south, eliminating the current traffic light-controlled connection.

Traffic intensities

The highway section in Kansas City is not very busy with 34,000 to 54,000 vehicles per day.

US 169 in Missouri