US 119 in Pennsylvania

US 11 and 119 in Pennsylvania

US 11 in Pennsylvania

US 11
Get started greencastle
End Great Bend
Length 243 mi
Length 391 km














New York

According to a2zdirectory, US 11 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms a north-south route through the eastern half of the state, and runs parallel to Interstate 81, sometimes at a greater distance. The road passes through the state capital Harrisburg and through the larger city of Scranton. The route is 391 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 11 at Mechanicsburg near Harrisburg.

Southern Pennsylvania

US 11 in Maryland comes from Hagerstown and runs in southern Pennsylvania through a wide valley in the Appalachian Mountains. Interstate 81 runs parallel to US 11 for a fairly short distance here. Due to the presence of I-81, US 11 has not been developed to a high standard and passes through every place on the route, including the city of Chambersburg, where one crosses US 30 and Carlisle, where it connects to Interstate 76.

US 11 then proceeds through the metropolitan area of ​​the capital Harrisburg. US 11 forms Harrisburg’s western approach road, between I-76 and I-81, and winds through western Harrisburg, making several turns. Finally one reaches the valley of the Susquehanna River. US 11 then heads north along with US 15. North of Harrisburg, the road leads through the hilly valley of the Susquehanna River, forming a short freeway bypass of Duncannon.

Central Pennsylvania

US 11 then forms a north-south route through central Pennsylvania. The entire route here follows the banks of the Susquehanna River. This is largely a 2×2 or 5 lane road with center turn lane. At Sunbury, the Susquehanna River splits into two branches. US 11 then follows the east branch and is a single-lane road northeast through Danville and Bloomsburg. Between Bloomsburg and Berwick it connects to Interstate 80.

Northern Pennsylvania

US 11 then continues to follow the Susquehanna River valley to the Scranton metropolitan area. I-81 gradually parallels US 11 again. US 11 then continues for a long stretch through urban areas, first through the southern suburbs of Scranton, then the city itself, and then from downtown Scranton to I-81 as a freeway. Northwest of Scranton, US 11 coincides with US 6 for a while. After that, US 11 travels another 50 kilometers further north to the border with New York State. US 11 in New York continues to Binghamton.


US 11 was created in 1926 and was the main north-south route along the east coast running a little further inland. The Pennsylvania route has not changed significantly since 1926. The route has hardly been upgraded, but Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania has been built more or less parallel to US 11, with the exception of the part between Harrisburg and Scranton, where US 11 runs a little more westerly via the Susquehanna River. Between 1960 and 1976, I-81 was built, after which the continuing importance of US 11 ceased to be.

US 119 in Pennsylvania

US 119
Get started Point Marion
End Sandy
Length 133 mi
Length 214 km
West Virginia



Mount Pleasant


New Alexandria




du Bois

According to agooddir, US 119 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms a north-south route in the southwest of the state, running from the West Virginia border through Uniontown and Greensburg to Sandy, where the road ends at US 219. The route is 214 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 119 at Greensburg.

At the hamlet of Point Marion, US 119 in West Virginia enters the state from Morgantown and then crosses Cheat Lake, a reservoir. The road then turns northeast and parallels State Route 43, the Morgantown to Pittsburgh turnpike. East of the road is a ridge parallel to US 119. You then pass through Uniontown, a small town of 12,000 inhabitants, but one of the largest towns on the route of US 119. You cross US 40 here. The US 119 then forms a 2×2 divided highway, via Connellsville to New Stanton. The last kilometers before the village of New Stanton is even a motorway. New Stanton is small, but is located at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 76. State Route 66 also begins here, a toll road to the north.

The road then runs in 2×2 lanes to Greensburg, a regional town where the US 30 crosses. About 15 kilometers after Greensburg, at New Alexandria US 119 merges with US 22. Both roads then have 2×2 lanes, after which US 119 turns north after about 20 kilometers and US 22 continues straight towards Altoona. The US 119 still has 2×2 lanes and then crosses the US 422 at the town of Indiana. The US 119 then forms the bypassof Indiana and is designed as a highway. After that, the road becomes quieter and there is only one lane in each direction. The road then leads through a sloping to slightly hilly area with quite a bit of forest. It continues through the small town of Punxsutawney before ending at an intersection with US 219 at the village of Sandy.


US 119 was created in 1926. The northern terminus has always been Dus Bois (Sandy village). The route has not changed since then. However, short sections of US 119 have been upgraded to freeway. In 1965, the short highway around Mount Pleasant opened at I-70 and I-76. In 1972, short highway sections opened around Uniontown and Indiana. In 2000, the double-numbered section with US 22 was widened to a divided highway.

US 119 in Pennsylvania