Travel Memo about Singapore

Travel Memo about Singapore

SMOKING: Smoking is allowed in Singapore, but only in designated areas. On the street, it is easy to identify these places: places where there are urns with an ashtray on top.
Attention: In order to improve the quality of nightlife for all in entertainment venues, smoking is prohibited in all pubs, discos, karaoke bars and nightclubs outside of approved smoking rooms or areas. The fine for violating this prohibition is up to S$1000.

TRADITIONAL CUISINE OF SINGAPORE: Some people say that Singaporean cuisine is Chinese cuisine because the main population is Chinese, which is fundamentally true. But the traditional cuisine of Singapore is the same as Singapore itself – a mixture of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranak cuisines. As a result of many years of mixing, Singapore has its own traditional dishes, which have been assigned the title of Singapore’s national cuisine. There are not many of them, there are about 10 dishes, we advise you to definitely try the 2 dishes listed below, in the original version, which you can try only in Singapore.

The first dish, the undoubted favorite called – Chili crab (Chili Crab). The dish is spicy, but spicy but in moderation, and this is a must-try in Singapore! The whole secret of the dish is in an unthinkably delicious sauce in which the crab itself is almost buried. It is served with fresh buns that are steamed especially for this dish, the sauce is so delicious that after tasting you forget all decorum and start eating this dish just with your hands, extracting the crab shell melting in your mouth and dipping hot buns into the sauce.

Tip one: cover your breasts with a napkin, which is specially served with this dish and enjoy your meal!

Second course – Laksa Soup Very original and hearty soup with rice noodles, fresh shrimps, fish dumplings, chili sauce, spices and coconut milk.

STORES: According to indexdotcom, the diversity of Singapore’s shopping centers and the goods sold there makes one dizzy and ripples in the eyes. Singapore is a paradise for shopping and in order not to spend all the time allotted for Singapore in its shopping centers, you need to have a good mental preparation! Singapore has over 60 conveniently located malls. Stores are constantly having sales of all kinds.

Store opening hours: daily 10:00 – 21:00 (until 23:00 on holidays)
Return or exchange of goods: Large stores are ready to exchange the purchased goods, provided that it is in good condition and returned within three days from the date of purchase and issuing a check.

Tax Refund When departing from Singapore at the airport, tourists are refunded a 7% tax on goods purchased in stores included in the TaxFreeShopping system. The minimum purchase price is from 100 to 300 Singapore dollars. The actual amount of compensation received will be 6% of the purchase price as a result of the deduction of a service charge. The tax is non-refundable if tourists leave Singapore by car, bus, train or water transport.

CUSTOMS REGULATION: Duty-free imports of confectionery and chocolate worth up to S$50, as well as 1 liter of spirits, wine or beer, and 20 cigarettes (in an open pack!), are allowed. The importation of chewing gum is prohibited; chewing gum in Singapore can only be bought in special pharmacies; when buying, you need to fill out a form indicating all your contacts and data. Bringing drugs into Singapore carries the death penalty.

Carry-On Baggage Rules for Singapore: Effective May 21, 2007, the ICAO regulation on liquids in the cabin for passengers comes into force. All containers containing liquids and other products of similar consistency must have a volume not exceeding 100 ml. All containers must be packed in transparent, resealable plastic bags, the total volume of liquids must not exceed 1 liter. Each passenger has the right to carry only one such package and must present it at the security control desk. Medicines, baby food and special foods that you may need during the flight can not be placed in plastic packaging. Liquids purchased from duty-free shops that are not packaged according to the above requirements may be confiscated

RULES OF CONDUCT: In Singapore, we advise you to strictly observe all the rules of behavior in public places: do not litter, do not cross the street in the wrong place (a fine of 500 Singapore dollars is imposed for this violation). If you are a smoker, we recommend that you also check with the hotel upon check-in whether you are provided with smoking or non-smoking rooms. Smoking is prohibited in hotel lobbies, indoor cafes and restaurants.

DEPOSITS AT HOTELS: Upon check-in, a certain amount is taken as a security deposit for incidentals such as minibar and international phone calls. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the category of the hotel and the number of nights booked (on average it is about SGD 100 – 150 per room per night). The deposit, if it was left in cash, is returned to tourists upon check-out from the hotel. If the deposit was guaranteed by a credit card, the amount released at the time of withdrawal can be used after at least three weeks.

Travel Memo about Singapore