2nd - Harvard University

Top 5 MBA Programs in the USA

We’ll tell you in a moment what are the best MBA programs in the United States, but before… Do you know what that is?

What is MBA?

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, MBA stands for Master in Business Administration. This is a very common type of master’s degree abroad, especially among professionals already experienced in the market. However, here in Brazil it is considered a specialization and not a master’s degree. But it is still a great opportunity for those who want to develop deeper knowledge in the area of ​​Management and Business.

Best MBA programs in the United States:

12 of the top 20 MBA programs in the world are in the United States. Check out the TOP5 now, according to the TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA study:

1st – Stanford University

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is at the top of the ranking worldwide, not just in the USA. The MBA classes at this institution have an average of 400 students. Of these, 41% are international students of more than 60 nationalities.

The program benefits from Stanford’s location in Palo Alto, close to the technology center of Silicon Valley. This promotes a whole culture of technology and entrepreneurship. There, about 90% of graduates get jobs within 3 months after the end of the course!

2nd – Harvard University

The Harvard Business School (HBS) MBA program achieves an incredible score on employability indicators. It is one of the largest in class size, with about 930 students per year. About 70 nationalities are represented among the 35% of international students that make up the course.

2nd - Harvard University

The method of cases of HBS is internationally recognized. To get an idea, the institution’s professors write more than 80% of all cases used in Business Schools around the world.

3rd – University of Pennsylvania

Third is the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The Wharton MBA program achieved a very high score for both employability and thought leadership. Students who pass by can expect a salary increase of approximately 58% after finishing the course.

MBA classes in Wharton are also large, with about 860 students. In addition, this institution also has a large composition of international students, which correspond to 35% of the students.

4th – MIT

The first three institutions presented so far also occupy the top of the world ranking. The MBA program of the Sloan School of Management, at MIT, is in the fifth overall global position, behind only the London Business School, in the United Kingdom. However, this is the program that achieved the highest score in terms of thought leadership.

MIT Sloan School of Management

Every year, they promote the institution’s innovation seminar. For three days, MBA students pay a visit to the various MIT labs, learning about the innovations and research taking place on campus. In addition, they explore the application and potential of this research to solve world problems.

5th – University of Chicago

The MBA’s Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago is valued by flexible curriculum with one mandatory class Effectiveness and Leadership Development. This way, students are free to set up their lesson plan, in a way that meets their career goals. The electives available cover 13 areas of concentration, including Business Analysis, Operations Management and Economics. It occupies the eighth position in the world ranking and fifth in the United States.

Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago

Booth School classes are made up of 580 students, of which 36% are foreigners. Graduates can expect a 72% salary increase after this institution’s MBA, which has a maximum duration of 21 months.