The MBA Tour

The MBA Tour: An Inexhaustible Source of MBA Resources

Having a fair that manages to unify under one roof the most important exhibitors in the world of MBAs, from applicants to academies and financial institutions, is an opportunity that we cannot miss and this year we have The MBA Tour in Lima.
the MBA tour.

The MBA Tour

Since 1993, the year of its foundation, The MBA Tour has organized more than 60 events per year in more than 30 countries, becoming the most important fair related to the world of MBA and that year after year it grows and obtains more strength, polishing its offer and managing to amass a greater number of followers and this year we have The MBA Tour in Lima.

The seal of the brand is based on offering unique opportunities for interaction between students interested in studying an MBA and business schools, this strategy is achieved through sessions and panels taught by experts in the field, always focusing on topics that help students. students to clarify their doubts about the decisions they must make in terms of pursuing an MBA.

Each event is limited to selected institutions that cover the profile of The MBA Tour and are presented on five continents.

This is an exceptional opportunity if you want to have more tools when choosing your best option to pursue your MBA, we are talking about an organization that has more than 20 years of support and a commitment to provide you with an unmatched experience.

If you are interested in participating in The MBA Tour, you do not need to travel to England or the USA, since the fair has a presence in Latin America and we are very happy to let you know that on August 14 this event will be presented in Lima and you can go securing your place now, simply click on this EVENT to learn more about it.

The MBA Tour in Lima awaits you this next August 14, 2017, an unbeatable event that you cannot miss.

Why is it important to attend the Access MBA Tour in Lima?

An important part of the application process to MBAs and Masters abroad is to know the universities to which you are thinking of applying. The ideal would be to visit all these institutions, talk with alumni and their admissions directors, however due to time and budget issues it will be very difficult to visit them all. That is why attending the Access MBA Tour this March 6 is very important.

Access brings to Lima more than 40 of the best universities in the world, the participating universities arrive with their admissions directors and some even bring Peruvian ex-students with them so that you can talk directly with people who like you at some point carried out the analysis what was best for them, how to finance themselves and more importantly the return on their investment. Former students are an incredible source of information as they will tell you first-hand about their experience and give tips on the best strategy to reach your target mastery.

How to prepare before attending the Access MBA Tour?

  1. Research: which are the universities to which you want to apply and find out about the most relevant information about them. Do not go with basic questions as this would show you are not prepared or that your interest in this university is not that high and could also affect the perception of the admissions director about your profile.
  2. Personal Marketing: Everything counts, present yourself as a serious professional and you show this with your way of dressing even. Make sure you take copies of your CV and business cards with you.
  3. Prepare yourself: with some important questions for each of the universities you selected and that demonstrate your interest and intelligence.
  4. Register before participating as this way the universities will know more about you and can even send you relevant information beforehand.