Uganda Economy

Uganda Society and Economy

Social development Health The medical centers include a hygiene school, a preventive medicine department, a disease control unit, and several rural health centers. Certain diseases are widespread, including malaria, intestinal disorders, venereal infections, and hookworm. Health services were affected by the departure of foreign personnel in 1972. In 1981, as a country located in Africa according […]

Uganda History

Uganda History, Geography, and Population

Located in the east-central part of the African continent, Uganda is a landlocked state, bordered to the west by Zaire, to the north by Sudan, to the east by Kenya and to the south by Rwanda and Tanzania. History The first residents of the Ugandan territory were, in the 1st century, the Bantu blacksmith farmers, dominated in the 13th century by the Himas, shepherds of Ethiopian origin. The Bunyoro kingdom was founded in […]