Sweden Recent History 8

Sweden Recent History Part 8

Juholt did not hold the post of chairman of the Social Democracy for long. Already in October 2011, a political bomb went off when it was revealed that in 2007-11 he had asked for and received SEK 160,000 too much for the apartment he shared with his partner. Juholt immediately paid the money back, declaring […]

Sweden Recent History 7

Sweden Recent History Part 7

In June 2008, the Riksdag passed a new interception law that allowed the Swedish Defense Radio Agency (FRA) to intercept all telecommunications in and out of Sweden. The eavesdropping law triggered violent political reactions. Following the disclosure in 2013 of the NSA’s global Internet surveillance, it was revealed that the NSA also had access to […]

Sweden Recent History 6

Sweden Recent History Part 6

Swedish political life was shaken by the civil election victory in Denmark in November 2001. First and foremost because of the strongly xenophobic rhetoric, and the Left’s Swedish sister party, the Moderates declared that the Left should be thrown out of the liberal international for its racist politics. In 2002, bourgeois Danish parties responded again […]

Sweden Recent History 5

Sweden Recent History Part 5

1994-95 Swedish entry into the EU After a heated election campaign, 52% of voters voted in a referendum in November 94 for Sweden’s entry into the EU. The majority of political parties and corporate leaders were in favor of entry, while the left and the environmental movement were opposed. At the same time, the vote […]

Sweden Recent History 4

Sweden Recent History Part 4

Yes for the decommissioning of nuclear power Sweden had been hit hard by the energy crisis of 1972-73, and had therefore focused on expanding its hydro and nuclear power. But especially with regard to nuclear power, attitudes were characterized by the increasing international popular opposition to nuclear power, and the issue was sent to a […]

Sweden Recent History 3

Sweden Recent History Part 3

1960s Continued growth.. and crisis signs In the economic field, the 60s became a repeat of the economic recovery in the 50s. The high cycles remained stable – with the exception of a few shorter periods. The Social Democrats dominated the decade politically, despite their reforms showing clear signs of waning. The initiative was now […]

Sweden Recent History 2

Sweden Recent History Part 2

When the center of gravity within the bourgeoisie moved into the 1930s, it must be seen as a trend and not interpreted as dramatic changes in the quantitative composition. But the internal political divide in the bourgeoisie, which had previously been rather broadly composed, became increasingly clear. The previously affluent petty bourgeoisie in the cities […]

Sweden Recent History 1

Sweden Recent History Part 1

Political and economic development in the interwar period The great expectations that early social democracy linked to the democratic breakthrough could not be met at once. The bleak economic development and the general stagnation of the world market in the 1920s coincided with misunderstandings about what the party’s parliamentary position was to be used for. […]