2006 Election in Palestine

2006 Election in Palestine

January 2006 Hamas wins the election Already in 2002, the United States backed Israel’s claim that Israel could not be negotiated with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, and the Palestinians had to choose a new leadership. This happened after Arafat’s death with the election of Mahmoud Abbas as president in January 2005. However, it did not […]

Palestine Reconciliation 3

Palestine Reconciliation Part 3

In April 2016, President Abbas issued a decree establishing a supreme constitutional court that stood above all other Palestinian courts. The court was to consist of 9 judges. It was widely regarded as the government’s attempt to decide on the country’s judiciary. In October, the President of the High Court was removed from his post […]

Palestine Reconciliation 2

Palestine Reconciliation Part 2

Israel’s terror war against Gaza failed. The Palestinian unity government held. Israel’s terror against the people of Gaza, struck the world with dismay. Entire neighborhoods, refugee camps and 10 mosques were leveled and 6 hospitals partially destroyed. Even in the United States, where Israeli media and right-wing media with Fox News spearheaded an intense hate […]

Palestine Reconciliation 1

Palestine Reconciliation Part 1

In March 2011, the United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that cautiously criticized Israel for its continued expansion into the Occupied West Bank. The veto removed the last legitimation for Fatah of its continued confidence that the United States could play a constructive role in the – non-existent – peace process. The veto […]