Greenville Junction, Maine Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Located in Piscataquis County, Maine, Greenville Junction is a small town that offers a peaceful and picturesque setting. Situated in the heart of the state’s pristine wilderness, Greenville Junction is surrounded by natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and outdoor adventure. See itypeusa for information about Abbot, Maine. Nestled on the […]

Piscataquis County, Maine

Piscataquis County, Maine Demographics

Piscataquis County, Maine is a vast and rugged region located in the northern part of the state. With an area of 3,928 square miles, it is the largest county in Maine. The terrain in Piscataquis County is mostly hilly with a few mountains scattered throughout. The highest peak in the county is Mount Katahdin which […]

University of New England

Four-Year Colleges in Maine

This page provides detailed information about 4-year colleges and universities of higher educational level in the state of Maine. Here you can find street address, phone number, student-to-faculty ratio, enrollment statistics, and city location for each school. Also included are types of degree that they are offering and whether campus housing is available. List of all cities and […]