Buckland, Alaska

Buckland, Alaska

According to a2zdirectory, Buckland, Alaska is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state, along the Bering Sea coast. The town has a total area of 12.5 square miles and is situated at an elevation of about 65 feet above sea level. Buckland is approximately 30 miles south of Utqiagvik (formerly known […]

Aurora Ice Museum

Landmarks of Alaska, United States

This former Russian territory has belonged to the United States since 1867. Since then, it has become the least populous and largest state in the US. Many inhabitants are descendants of the Eskimos and Indians. The Alaska area is characterized by snow-capped peaks, blue glaciers, water and green landscapes. It is therefore ideal for all […]

Charter College

Four-Year Colleges in Alaska

This page provides detailed information about 4-year colleges and universities of higher educational level in the state of Alaska. Here you can find street address, phone number, student-to-faculty ratio, enrollment statistics, and city location for each school. Also included are types of degree that they are offering and whether campus housing is available. Countryaah.com: List of all cities and […]