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Germans love to travel forever: over 70 million vacation trips are taken every year. Most stay within their own national borders and book a vacation on the German coasts or in the Alps. But Italy , Spain and France also remain popular holiday destinations. Whether it’s an active vacation, a relaxing stay on the beach or a city break – everyone knows what their personal dream vacation looks like.

New challenges for tourism

Thanks to countless travel portals on the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to put together their dream vacation. What makes things easier for the consumer poses challenges for the tourism industry.

According to educationvv, tour operators are bound to continuously improve their offers if they want to survive in the market. Current trends are, for example, socially and environmentally compatible travel, wellness vacations or cruises. Another new field of activity is to present the offers in an appealing way on the Internet in order to win customers. This is where tourism managers come in.

The course at a glance

Degree programs in the field of tourism management train students for a career in the tourism industry. The universities set different priorities , for example on international tourism management or health tourism. Some courses also cover subjects such as hotel management or event management .

As a rule, business administration content and knowledge from the field of tourism and management are taught in the study programs . In some cases, the students also acquire specialist knowledge in the areas of hotel or event management.

Studying at the bachelor level

The first thing to do in the bachelor’s program is to learn the basics of business administration . The students attend seminars on topics such as accounting, controlling or personnel management . In tourism education, you will learn what tourism services are available or how tour operators work. In subjects such as tourism marketing or destination management, they acquire industry-specific management skills . Foreign language lessons and seminars in the field of law round off the course.

Studying at the master’s level

Master’s programs in the field of tourism management offer students the opportunity to qualify for management positions. The individual universities have different focuses to choose from, for example

  • Wellness tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Health tourism
  • Hospitality and hotel management.

Some of the master’s programs are aimed at students who already have professional experience and would like to gain further qualifications. Therefore, they are often part-time courses .

There are dual courses of study that combine training and studies in both the Bachelor and Master’s fields .

Studying tourism management – requirements

Prospective students should be enthusiastic about traveling and other countries and have a weakness for foreign languages. Depending on the university, the program includes English and another foreign language such as Spanish or French . At some universities, the seminars in the higher semesters are held entirely in English. It is also advisable that applicants have a basic knowledge of mathematics and an interest in business contexts.

Where tourism managers work

Tourism management graduates work across the tourism industry . Traditional employers are tour operators, travel agencies, tourism associations, hotel groups and airlines. Cruise providers and operators of wellness facilities or leisure centers also rely on the know-how of tourism managers. They plan package tours, market travel offers or develop concepts to make a holiday region more attractive.

The other areas of responsibility of tourism managers include:

  • Marketing travel offers on the Internet
  • Development of online travel portals
  • Run social media campaigns
  • Direct customer advice
  • Development of offers for individual trips
  • Conducting information events
  • Press and public relations

Study tourism management – gain experience abroad

The tourism industry is more internationally oriented than almost any other industry. Graduates are expected to speak at least two foreign languages and be able to communicate confidently with international business partners and customers.

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to expand their specialist knowledge. You will get to know other teaching methods and deal with new content. In doing so, they can develop their foreign language skills and intercultural skills . Finally, a study-related stay abroad offers the opportunity to make international contacts and get to know travel regions first hand .

Study Tourism Management