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Study in USA Part I

When it comes to the USA, there is no avoiding superlatives. With 50 states on over 9.5 million km² and 320 million inhabitants, the United States is the third largest country in the world.

The USA – a look at the country and its people

They have been the number one political and economic world power since the beginning of the 20th century. There are more Nobel Prize winners here than in any other country. The most successful film industry in the world and the deepest canyon on the planet, the Grand Canyon, can be found here.

The USA – the land of superlatives

According to itypejob, anyone who travels to the huge country on the North American continent quickly realizes that the motto Taller, Bigger, Faster often applies. For example in the cities: Dizzying high skyscrapers, eight-lane highways and gigantic shopping centers are completely normal in metropolises like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Diego. The cultural offerings in the big cities are also huge. World-class museums, theaters, hip clubs, countless restaurants, bars and cafes offer something for every taste.

Facets of the American landscape

The landscapes of the USA are no less impressive. Their diversity alone is overwhelming. In the total of six climate zones there are huge mountains, untouched forests, endless red desert landscapes and dusty prairies. Huge canyons, active super volcanoes and tropical swamp landscapes also shape the landscape of the USA. There are also rainforests, rough coasts and sun-drenched sandy beaches. No wonder that even today thousands of immigrants and visitors from all over the world flock to the USA to realize their personal American dream. All of this and much more can be experienced when studying in the USA.

The USA as the most popular study country

The USA has been the world’s most popular country for studying abroad for decades. For German students, the USA is one of the most sought-after destination countries for studying abroad alongside its neighboring countries, which can also be seen in the following graphic.

University landscape in the USA

One of the reasons why many students choose to study in the USA is the diverse university landscape. The US is not only the world’s most popular country for studying abroad. There are also more top universities here than anywhere else in the world. In international rankings, US universities regularly make up the largest number of the Top 100. The US elite universities have come together in the so-called Ivy League. Harvard is also the university with the best reputation in the world. The universities of the University of California System and des are also highly regarded and known around the world California State University System.

Support and service at US universities

International students report again and again about the intensive supervision by the teachers and the great sense of community at the universities in the USA.

Due to the large number of universities, these are in strong competition with each other. As a result, US universities are intensely advertising for new students. They offer high-quality study programs and a far more comprehensive range of services than in Germany. Many universities are tempting too

  • a high level of individual support: a student advisor is assigned to each student.
  • courses with smaller courses, in which there is often a lively discussion culture
  • an open door policy: Many teachers are always available for their students.

Campus life while studying in the USA

Also, the campus life at US universities for international students provides a unique experience. Most of the students live on campus. There you will find everything you need for life: catering options in the form of dining halls and food courts, libraries, sports halls and even cinemas. The range of leisure activities at most universities is also enormous. University sports in particular play an important role in everyday student life in the USA.

The downside of this system is that students have to pay for the service and high quality of teaching themselves. The level of advertising that is carried out can also seem disconcerting to international students.

College or University – types of colleges in the United States

The university landscape in the USA is extremely diverse. There are more than 4,500 accredited US universities offering a huge range of courses. Several types of university can be distinguished within the US higher education system.

Colleges in the United States

By far the most common type of university are colleges. There, the students complete their undergraduate studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree within four years.

Community Colleges USA

At the community colleges, there are two-year study programs in which the students the lowest degree can acquire the US: the Associate Degree. It is true that this is not recognized as an independent qualification in Germany. However, so-called transfer degree programs can be a ticket for a bachelor’s program at a regular college or university.


The universities not only offer Bachelor but also Master’s programs. Students also have the opportunity to do a doctorate here.

Accreditation as a quality feature in studies in the USA

When choosing a university in the USA, students should pay attention to whether the quality of the institution has been confirmed by an official accreditation body. Studies at a non-accredited university may not be recognized in Germany.

Official accreditation bodies can be recognized by the fact that they are recognized by the US Department of Education or are members of the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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