Study in Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona

Study in Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona

Organization & search

My friend Sophie and I applied for an ERASMUS stay abroad at the University of Würzburg. Due to the high number of applicants, none of our preferences could be taken into account, which is why we decided to apply on our own initiative as a so-called “Free Mover” at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. On the Internet we found the MicroEDU website (, which introduces and mediates numerous international programs from foreign universities from all over the world and supports you with the application process. MicroEDU is available to answer any questions you may have about a program or to apply without asking for money. All advice and assistance is free. The biggest hurdle was to find the right program for us, because we only had a limited time frame. When that was decided, we had to fill out some application forms and choose from a range of courses that you want to take at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. I clarified beforehand with the chairs at our university which ones would be credited to me and then decided which courses I wanted to take. Continuing my studies was very important to me, which is why I took 4 courses – International Economics, Cross-Cultural Management, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation and International Marketing Strategies. All 4 were credited to me at my home university. Together with the CV and the other documents, everything is sent to MicroEDU, who then forward it to the University of Barcelona after verification. After approx. 2 weeks the preliminary confirmation came that we have been accepted and, after transferring the tuition fees, the final commitment. Everything is very well organized, after receiving the final approval, all information is sent to you by email and you have a contact person who takes care of the organization of the timetable and general questions. You have to pay for the tuition fees yourself – ie the cost per chosen course is € 650. How many courses you choose is up to you. the cost per chosen course is € 650. How many courses you choose is up to you. the cost per chosen course is € 650. How many courses you choose is up to you. Learn more about Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona on andyeducation.

Many German airlines fly to Barcelona. We booked with Lufthansa from Frankfurt (International Airport) to Barcelona (Aeropuerto) for € 130 there and back. With Ryanair or Germanwings there are also very, very cheap offers, but with a luggage limit and from Frankfurt Hahn and to Girona (60 km from Barcelona), which we wanted to avoid.


No visa is required for Spain.


Through the contact of a fellow student with his landlady when he was studying in Barcelona himself, we were able to move into a 3-room apartment in the student & family district of Gracia immediately upon arrival. The rent was € 300 per person per month. If someone is interested, I can give the landlord’s email address. Many of our friends found their shared apartments through the Internet, but for a significantly higher price than ours. The apartment was fully furnished, the kitchen fully equipped, a bathroom with shower and there is also an internet flat rate.

Everyday university life

The design of the week depends on the number of courses chosen. There are never classes on Fridays. Otherwise, the lessons are Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. In addition, the university also offers language courses, which I also used. A course lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes twice a week. Classes take place on 2 different campuses – both are, however, located in the center of Barcelona and can be easily reached by public transport. All classes are in English. An advantage for anyone who does not dare to study Spanish. At the same time you improve your English and also have the opportunity to learn another foreign language.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Barcelona is comparable to that in Germany. For groceries around € 150 per month, culture & going out & restaurants € 200 per month. But it is also dependent on each individual person. There is no clear difference between Spain and Germany, but there is a difference between a semester at your home university and a semester abroad. You’re doing more, which means you need more money than you normally would at home.

Culture & nightlife

From Park Guell to Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Tibidabo, Montjiuic, Rambla, Placa Espana & Catalunya, the beach, Barri Gotic, el Raval, Gracia – there is so much to see and experience, even in 4 months it was impossible for me to see all of Barcelona to explore. Barcelona is abundant in tourist attractions and has plenty of employment opportunities for all interests. Barcelona has a wide range of night activities such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The clubs on the beach are unique, but typical Spanish bars and discos are also very popular with foreign students. In summer the whole of Barcelona sits in seats until late at night and everyone lets themselves be carried away by the exuberant and always good-humored and positive atmosphere. The Spaniards in general are very communicative,


The program is purely international. You have no contact with Spanish students, nor is the campus where normal Spanish students study. The majority of us were Americans, Swedes and Germans. Since all courses are in English, and unfortunately, Spanish is only spoken in everyday life in restaurants, when shopping or when meeting friends. The language skills were therefore less encouraged than we had thought. The Catalan is also an obstacle in Barcelona many do not speak Spanish, but Catalan, which is even more difficult to speak and improve Spanish in everyday life.

All in all an incredible 4 months – I will never forget you!

Study in Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona