Study in Riga Stradins University

Study in Riga Stradins University


“Dare to try and fail in the process brings at least a gain in knowledge and experience. Risking nothing, on the other hand, means incurring an incalculable loss – the loss of the profit that the risk might have brought in. ”- Chester Barnard
Kurz: If you don’t dare, you don’t win!

I think the mere fact that you are reading this report means that you – like me at the time – applied in vain to German universities via I was in the same situation a year ago and I know how hopeless it sometimes seems to be in competition with an almost limitless flood of applicants without a 1-cut, in which one simply seems to be drowned.

I also remember how skeptical I was about applying to other countries such as Poland, Hungary or Latvia, but in retrospect I am very happy to have dared to take the step. Once you’ve taken the step, looking back you can only smile at your own fears and biases.

Only in comparison with Poland or Hungary does Latvia, or rather Riga, have one advantage: the price. Hungary was a bit too hungry for money and the Poles also asked a proud price. Not that Riga would be a bargain, but I’m very satisfied with the price / performance ratio. The achievement, and with it I primarily see the learning atmosphere, i.e. small individual groups, is not something you get so quickly at any university – especially not in Germany. The professor / teacher relationship is completely different. Learn more about Riga Stradins University  on andyeducation.

The professor is not just the one who drags the material down during the lecture, while hundreds of more or less inquisitive students write everything down without questioning. He is also the teacher you can later ask questions about the subject of the lectures etc. in the so-called “practical classes”, mostly in the same subject. Personal and straightforward.

Of course, you are not always lucky enough to have the same professor for the “lectures” and “practical classes”, but questions can always be put directly to the teacher during the “practical classes”.

You shouldn’t worry too much about the requirements for the English language skills of the applicants. The school English with or without LK is completely sufficient. A certain basic understanding or knowledge of Latin would be an advantage. But that’s generally the case and not university-specific.

In general, as a student, you can afford a lifestyle here that you, at least in my hometown Munich, cannot afford so quickly. If you pay attention to the prices and don’t let yourself be fooled, you can live cheaply in the best areas. For example, I live in the embassy district of Riga. That not only sounds great when you write it in your experience report, it is also a good and safe place to live. Those who are more into partying can move straight to the old town (Vecriga). Having a 50m way home from the pub is a good argument for a flat share in the party center. The old town can only be recommended for many reasons: old Art Nouveau buildings, good restaurants, cafés and bars in abundance. So it can be endured well in winter at the moment -27 ° C.

In summer, on the other hand, you shouldn’t think so, it is up to 30 ° C in Riga. Then it’s time to go to the sandy beach of Jurmala! Or you visit one of the many music festivals during the summer break, provided you are not at home or on vacation… All in all, I can only recommend Riga!

The organization in advance of and the international office of the RSU gives you the feeling of not taking a step into the unknown. Which was very important to me! In this regard, the RSU seems to be a little more concerned than its competitors in Eastern Europe.

In general, one can say that the RSU makes every effort and is constantly working to improve quality. At the moment there is a lot of renovation, construction, etc. but we will still be able to enjoy these investments in the future.

For me personally it is a great experience to meet many students from Central Europe, Scandinavia, Sri Lanka or Central Asia. A great opportunity for linguistically gifted people to learn Russian or Swedish in addition to Latvian!> But don’t worry, all the other Germans who are fleeing the German NC conditions are clearly the majority!

Personally, I no longer apply in Germany because the quality, i.e. group and semester size, is clearly better in Latvia than in Germany at the moment. Even if the university building is not a magnificent building, the country does not live in prosperity and you don’t always get the latest technical equipment in the practical classes, I have to say that the bottom line is that I don’t want to swap with German students. Aside from that. The student life in Riga has a good reputation for a reason! It can be withstood for up to 6 years.

Study in Riga Stradins University