Study in Poland

Study in Poland

As a country starting with letter P listed on COUNTRYAAH, Poland is located in the middle of Europe, with Germany on the west side, the Czech Republic on the south, and to the east are Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. In the south, the mountains reach above the clouds, while the central region is dominated by plains. At the coast to the north there are picturesque hills that scatter between forests and lakes.

Compared to other post-communist nations, Poland is in a strong economic position, and since joining the EU, tourism has also become a significant industry.

Despite a harsh climate and a turbulent history, the Poles are a brave, pious and warm people who welcome new people with hospitality.

  • CAPITAL CITY: Warsaw
  • LANGUAGE: Polish
  • CURRENCY: Zloty (PLN)
  • AREA: 312,679 km2
  • POPULATION: 38,483,957 (2014 estimate)

People and community

You can live anywhere in Poland, but you will probably be located close to one of the major cities, such as Krakow, Warsaw or PoznaƄ. Often the family gathers on Sunday to have lunch with the close and extended family. Poland is predominantly Catholic, and religious life can be prominent. Polish teenagers have a lot of independence and responsibility. You may be tasked with preparing your own breakfast and getting to school on your own.


In Poland, you can go to a school where young people up to the age of 16 go, or you can go to a school where there are young people aged 16 to 20. According to TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA, the youngest age group teaches a wide range of subjects, with the oldest age group preparing for university. No matter your age and what school you go to, you will be foreign language, history, science and math.


The primary spoken language is Polish, which is a Slavic language. However, many speak English quite well. We in Poland will offer you Polish language lessons, books and materials that can help you master the Polish language. It can be helpful to have a basic knowledge and proficiency in English before your stay.


The food in Poland is very hearty and some of the highlights include pirogy , which is a form of stuffed dumpling, stewed with mushrooms and sausage, meat, cabbage and potatoes. Bread is served for well and good every meal, and often the Poles buy bread at the local bakery daily. Rural people often grow their own vegetables so that salad can be made for the food every night. There are also plenty of tasty cakes such as birch cake and cheesecake.

Study in Poland