Study in Norway

Study in Norway

The heat of the Gulf Stream makes the Norwegians laze in the Scandinavian summers on the southern beaches. On the northern shores of Norway, above the Arctic Circle, however, those that are predominantly predators are walruses and polar bears.

An abundance of oil in the seabed has enriched the Norwegians and has given many Norwegian cities a pace and a great city atmosphere. However, peace and quiet still reign in the smaller villages, where venerable churches are among the world’s oldest wooden buildings. According to COUNTRYAAH, Norway is a country located in Northern Europe.

The Norwegians are a reserved people, but they are friendly, and, perhaps inevitably, winter sports enthusiasts. Norwegians also possess a strong national pride, which in its time contributed to their refusal to join the EU.

  • LANGUAGE: Norsk
  • CURRENCY: Norwegian kroner (NOK)
  • AREA: 385,178 km2
  • POPULATION: 5,214,900 (2016 estimate)

People and community

You will most likely live in a smaller rural area with a population of less than 20,000. The young Norwegians are fairly self-employed, and most have part-time jobs. On weekends, family life is often in focus.


Norwegian schools do not offer leisure activities, but many young Norwegians still go to drama, choir or football outside school hours. The teachers at the schools rely on independence and initiative from the students, and it is not expected that the students can be reminded of, for example, handing in assignments. Teachers and students have an informal relationship, and it is normal to address each other by first name.


Norwegian is the official language in Norway. It is a Germanic language that is related to both Danish, Swedish and Icelandic. It has two official written languages: Bokm̴l Рwhich is considered standard Norwegian Рand Nynorsk . Some schools may want to take the exchange students in a Norwegian class for immigrants. AFS will share links and materials with you that can help you learn the language.


Some of the most popular eating in Norway is fish. However, the Normans eat a lot of meat, potatoes, vegetables, cheese and drink milk. The main meal is in the evenings and a popular dish is meatballs with potatoes and gravy. Despite the fact that Norway has its national dishes, the cuisine is under great influence from foreign cuisines. It is not abnormal with pizza, pasta or Norwegian “tacos”.

Study in Norway