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Study Environmental Management Abroad

Everyone is talking about the green economy . In the meantime it has also arrived in business that environmental protection pays off. The manufacture of ecological products and sustainable production methods not only have a positive effect on the environment, but also promise economic success. Many companies rely on renewable energies or try to reduce pollutant emissions. If you want to be an expert in the field of green economy yourself, the Environmental Management degree program is the right choice.

The Environmental Management degree at a glance

The name already gives it away: The study programs in the field of environmental management are management courses that focus on environmentally conscious, sustainable production methods . Depending on the university, the focus is either more on economic or more on engineering content. Accordingly, the courses end with the title Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.). In addition, there is also the option of choosing environmental management as a focus in a business administration degree.

Bachelor’s degree in environmental management

According to iamaccepted, the independent bachelor’s programs on the subject of environmental management differ greatly in terms of their content. In courses in which the economic and ecological aspects are in the foreground , business and economic fundamentals are in the foreground. The curriculum includes subjects such as micro and macro economics, controlling and bookkeeping. Right from the start, the students learn how sustainability can be implemented in production. To do this, they attend seminars on topics such as sustainable business and ecological management. In the higher semesters, they can then decide on a focus, for example marketing or logistics .

In the technologically oriented courses , however, subjects such as mathematics , computer science or chemistry are initially on the timetable. In addition, the students learn background knowledge about thermodynamics or building material physics in seminars. In addition, they attend events in the fields of ecological economics and environmental law. In the higher semesters, they can then focus on topics such as traffic management or water management.

In the area of ​​environmental management, a dual study program is attractive for many . This is possible almost everywhere in Germany. Many universities and technical colleges cooperate with companies from the relevant industries. Here, too, the focus is either on the technical or on the economic aspects of the subject.

Master’s degree in environmental management

If you are aiming for management positions or a scientific career, you cannot avoid a master’s degree. The master’s programs serve to further specialize. The universities set very different priorities , for example on environmental management in developing countries or in metropolitan areas. As in the bachelor’s degree, there are also more engineering or economics-oriented study programs.

Study environmental management: requirements

Since the study programs differ greatly from one another in terms of content, you should already be clear about a preferred focus before starting your studies. Interest in economic contexts is essential in any case. In addition, basic knowledge in the natural sciences and an understanding of mathematics are required in the technically oriented courses.

Professional fields for environmental managers

Sustainability and environmental protection are important issues in all economic sectors. Graduates thus have good career prospects . Depending on the major, they are used in many different industries and companies.

Graduates with a focus on economics work, for example, in marketing, in project or personnel management or in public relations . Graduates with a focus in the technical field are more directly involved in production . You are planning new production facilities or designing systems for energy management. Many are also employed in research and development . You are also free to work in management.

Environmental managers are also employed by municipalities and cities and by environmental organizations . Jobs in the areas of consulting and tourism are also possible.

Advantages of international experience for environmental managers

Germany is one of the pioneers when it comes to the “green economy”. Many companies market their sustainably produced products internationally. Employers therefore expect graduates to have intercultural skills in addition to foreign language skills. Studying abroad or a semester abroad optimally prepares you for these requirements. They also offer students the opportunity to get to know another country and make international contacts. For later employers, studying abroad shows qualities such as flexibility and organizational talent.

Study Environmental Management