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Cell phones, cars, ATMs and wind turbines: none of them would work without embedded systems. These are micro-computer systems that are firmly embedded in the hardware and control and monitor the entire system. For example, they ignite the airbag in a car accident or ensure that the ATM pays out the correct bills. Since they are now found in almost all areas of life, embedded systems are one of the most important cross-sectional technologies of our time. The course that trains students to work at the interface between electrical engineering and computer science is called technical informatics.

Study of technical informatics: overview

According to anycountyprivateschools, the study of technical computer science (sometimes synonymous: embedded systems) is possible at many universities and technical colleges. Depending on the content of the course, technical informatics students also take on other areas of responsibility later on: For example, they develop hardware-related software solutions such as Ethernet switches or special components for hardware. At most universities, the technical informatics course includes half electrical engineering content and the other half computer science .


Basic subjects such as mathematics and physics are on the curriculum at the beginning of the bachelor’s degree in computer engineering . In addition, the students get to know different computer and operating systems and practice programming. In the further course of the course, subjects such as software engineering, digital technology and control engineering are added. Depending on the university, students have the opportunity to set their own priorities and specialize, for example, in embedded systems or software development. Modules from the areas of business administration , project management and technical English round off the curriculum.


A master’s degree in computer engineering offers the opportunity to deepen your specialist knowledge and to qualify for management positions. An academic career also requires a master’s degree. The master’s programs differ greatly in terms of their content and it is worth comparing the offers carefully. Possible focal points are, for example, hardware development or automation technology. As a rule, in addition to specialist knowledge, students in the master’s programs also receive basic knowledge in business administration and management .

Studying technical computer science: requirements

Anyone wanting to study computer engineering should be interested in the complex inner workings of technical devices and in programming. A certain amount of creativity is an advantage for solving certain problems. Some universities run their own selection process . Good school grades in mathematics, physics and computer science are always a good prerequisite for studying. A good knowledge of English is also helpful, as most of the specialist literature is in English.

Career prospects

Technical informatics and embedded systems are among the key technologies of our time. There is hardly an industrial sector that does not depend on them. The demand for experts is correspondingly high and the career prospects are excellent. Many companies from the fields of electrical engineering, telecommunications and automobile manufacturing woo future graduates while they are still studying.

But graduates are also employed in companies in the medical technology , energy and transport industries and in the software industry. Most of them are involved in the development of embedded systems, hardware components or software programs. Management positions, for example in project management, quality control, marketing or sales, are particularly suitable for master’s graduates. Following the master’s degree, a doctorate and a subsequent career in science are conceivable.

Technical informatics: International!

Almost all companies in the sectors relevant for technical IT specialists operate worldwide. Especially in large companies, knowledge of English and the ability to work in international teams are prerequisites for employment. A stay abroad during your studies offers the perfect opportunity to acquire these additional qualifications and to develop personally. A semester or two abroad is also an enrichment from a technical point of view : Foreign universities often offer special areas that you cannot study in Germany.

Study Computer Engineering