Study an MBA before 30

Study an MBA before 30?

Having a better salary, growing professionally and having a higher position within a company requires implementing a strategy to achieve good training. Taking an MBA is a good alternative. Improving academic training is the best option to earn more and increase employability in the labor market.

A “Bloomberg” survey indicates that the faster this program is completed, the better the pay, and suggests that the ideal is to achieve it before the age of 30. However, Juana Mora, HR director at Kodak Mexico , considers that you must have at least five years of experience in a managerial position, so it is best to do it above 30.

Although, regardless of the age at which it is carried out, an MBA helps to acquire new tools and knowledge that make the professional more comprehensive, says Adriana Pulido, vice president of HR for the Andean region of Schneider Electric.

These are some recommendations for those who want to do an MBA abroad .

Beyond the age controversy, here are some recommendations for those who want to pursue an MBA .

1) The selection. Finding the institution to take the course must be aligned with the applicant’s career.

2) Measure benefits. The Bloomberg survey indicates that those who undertake these types of programs over 30 years of age have a clear disadvantage in the gap between what they earned before obtaining an MBA and what they will earn after: the increase is not substantial.

3) Youth prevails. People who do an MBA at 37 years of age manage to receive 37% more than their previous salary after finishing the course. At age 29 the compensation may be 81% higher and at 25 years the increase may reach 130%.

4) For competitiveness. For companies it is vital to have these professionals, so making this decision becomes the key to greater competitiveness.

Study an MBA before 30

Thinking of pursuing an MBA? Age is not a limit

One of the questions we ask ourselves when we want to study an MBA abroad is whether we will be of the right age for it, today we are talking about a case that will clear your doubts and make you feel at the perfect age to take your MBA.

There are many success stories related to MBA students but few like that of Dr. Peter Liebert, who at 80 has managed to graduate from an MBA at Iona College in the United States.

The story tells us how this elderly but young at heart, was encouraged to take his MBA 52 years after graduating from Harvard medical school, Peter Liebert comments that having an MBA was always one of his goals but his career as a surgeon did not give him the time to do it.

It was in 2013 that Peter decided to resume this dream and studied his MBA together with young people who, as he says, were of great help to him, always supporting him to continue and finish his MBA.

Peter Liebert managed to combine his professional practice along with his MBA and his passions, one of them being semi-professional racing his 1952 Porsche, another sign that Dr. Peter likes to live life to the fullest regardless of his age.

This is a great example that it is never too late to realize your dreams and that regardless of your situation or age, if you wish, you can achieve it. Peter comments that it is very likely that there is no company interested in hiring him but that for him that is an unimportant detail because on a professional level he has fully developed and now with his new MBA in hand, he feels even more satisfied.

We hope to hear more cases like Peter’s, but above all, to know that you are reaching your goals to study your MBA abroad, do not forget to contact us to increase your chances of being accepted in the institution of your choice.

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