Pilsen, Czech Republic

Sights of Pilsen, Czech Republic

Basically Pilsen is the city of Pilsner beer. Several beer brands, of which Pilsner Urquell is the best known, are important for attracting tourists and thus important for the city. The historic core of the city has a number of imposing buildings that have been well preserved. Special features such as the second largest synagogue in Europe and an underground tunnel system of almost twenty kilometers make the city of Pilsen an interesting destination in several respects. It is not for nothing that the city achieved the status of European Capital of Culture in the year 2015. This honor is shared with the Walloon city of Mons (Mons). Pilsen is also important from an economic point of view because of the presence of the car manufacturer Skoda.

Top 10 things to do in Pilsen (Plze ň)

#1. Pilsner Urquell Brewery
Thanks to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, in Czech ‘Plzeňský Prazdroj’, the city of Pilsen is on the map. The origin of our well-known ‘pilsje’ lies here in the Czech Republic. It is even said that beer was already brewed in the city of Pilsen around 1295, because the water was of very poor quality at the time. The beer in the distant previous centuries was nothing to write home about either. Until the middle of the nineteenth century when the brewer Josef Groll, as brewmaster, helped to found Pilsner Urquell. Since then, beer from Pilsen can call itself top quality.

#2. Town Hall
According to a2zdirectory, the old town hall is located on the very interesting Republic Square ‘Náměstí Republiky’. The Renaissance appearance of the town hall is due to its Italian designer Giovanni de Statia. Between 1554 and 1559 the construction of the old town hall was realized. Today it is one of the most beautiful town halls in the Czech Republic. At the back of the hall of the town hall, you should definitely take a look at the model of the center of Pilsen.

#3. Underground Corridors
The best kept secret of the historic city of Pilsen is underground. This corridor system goes back to the fourteenth century when it was built. On the more than seven hundred and fifty meter route you will pass water wells and old storage cellars. The tunnel system has a total length of almost twenty kilometers, making it one of the largest in Central Europe.

#4. The Great Synagogue
This huge Jewish monument is called ‘Velká synagoga’ in Czech. Its size makes it one of the second largest in Europe. The synagogue was built in 1890 under the watchful eye of the architect Emmanuel Klotz. In addition to the Moorish-Romanesque architectural style, Indian influences can also be found in the building in addition to the Arabic. In addition to some worship services, the Great Synagogue is nowadays often used as a concert hall and for exhibitions.

#5. Doll Museum
The Doll Museum of Pilsen can be found in a former medieval patrician house on the Republic Square ‘Náměstí Republiky’. With many historical appearances in this monumental building, a lot of history is told through the use of dolls. The various storylines are about life at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Furthermore, some celebrities and laughable newsworthy events are reenacted. In short, fun for young and old.

#6. St. Bartholomew
‘s Cathedral The dominating Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral ‘Chrám sv. Bartolomĕje’ stands in a prominent place on Republic Square ‘Náměstí Republiky’. At the main altar is the Madonna of Pilsen, which belongs to the outstanding Czech Gothic painting. With its 103 meter high tower and the location where it is located, you can’t really ignore it. Those who like to use up some energy can use it well during a climb to the highest point in the tower. From here you have a breathtaking view of the city.

#7. Museum of West Bohemia
This museum ‘Západočeské muzeum’ focuses on the prehistory, history, culture and nature of the Czech Republic and West Bohemia. Archaeological findings, objects and books have provided the organization with a great deal of information. Many exhibitions can be seen on a regular basis and workshops can be followed.

#8. Techmania
Inquisitive and inquisitive people should not miss this science and technology museum. In this interactive center you can learn by experiencing yourself. In addition, it shows how you can apply the knowledge in technology. Special events and competitions are regularly organized that are somehow related to science and technology.

#9. Brewery Museum
The ‘Pivovarské muzeum’ brewery museum of Pilzen is housed in a very remarkable building. In the building, malt was dried and processed for beer. The house has been preserved in its original state as best as possible. All processes associated with brewing beer are told here through unique exhibitions. In the vicinity of this Pivovarské muzeum you will also find the oldest café / restaurant in the city, Senk Na Parkánu.

#10. Plague Column
After years of suffering from a plague epidemic, the city of Pilsen placed a monument here in 1681 ‘Plague Column’. This was done to celebrate the end of a very bad time. At the top is a copy of the Holy Mary image as it is present on the altar in St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. You can find this plague column in Republic Square.

Pilsen, Czech Republic