Paul Revere House

Sights of Boston, United States

Boston isn’t called the new New York for nothing. In addition to being one of the oldest cities in America, Boston is also the richest. The city is compact, well-arranged and, above all, vibrant. In addition, Boston offers many places of interest with significant historical value. The Freedom Trail that runs through the center of the city gives you a perfect view of all kinds of delights. Unfortunately, you will notice the increasing popularity of Boston in the prices for hotel rooms and on the menus of the better restaurants. The city has become one of the more expensive city trip destinations in the United States. Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with D.

Visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace or experience the wealth in Beacon Hill. A visit to the Boston Common, Quincy Market and the historic State House are also highly recommended during your vacation in Boston. To make the most of your stay in the capital of Massachusetts, we have listed the most beautiful sights for you.

Boston ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

Freedom Trail
During a visit to Boston, walking the Freedom Trail is highly recommended. This attraction you can do on your own and takes you along many highlights with historical value. The route has a length of approximately 4 kilometers. Along the way you will visit districts such as Financial District, North End, Downtown Crossing and Charlestown. You follow the Freedom Trail by means of a red line on the sidewalk. The trail begins at Boston Common. This is the oldest park in America. In addition, the Freedom Trail takes you along Faneuil Hall, Massachusetts State House, Paul Revere House and many other special historic buildings and places.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
A Boston vacation isn’t complete without a visit to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. This area is also known as Quincy Market after founder Josiah Quincy. The Marketplace is a bustling place that, in addition to many restaurants, shops and terraces, also consists of 5 buildings. The central part consists of three buildings and is also known as the Food Court. Here you can enjoy the most diverse dishes from all over the world. Of course there is also thought of shops with nice souvenirs and gadgets. On the south and north sides of Faneuil Hall Marketplace you will also find a colorful flower market and some traditional eateries. The Marketplace is bustling and full of fun.

The Mapparium
The Mapparium in Boston is definitely worth a visit. The impressive large globe has no less than three floors and is connected in the center by a 30 meter long bridge. You can find the Mapparium in the Mary Baker Eddy Library. The large stained glass globe shows you the world as it was in this time. In addition, you can see how the countries of the world are geographically connected with each other. You are, as it were, on the inside of the world. The Mapparium brings you a unique visual experience during your vacation in Boston. The design provides fantastic and remarkable acoustics. For example, you can whisper something at the beginning of the bridge while other people can easily hear it 30 meters away. The Mapparium in Boston is therefore a real must-do during your visit to Boston.

Beacon Hill
For a day of wealth and history you of course go to Beacon Hill. This historic neighborhood is located near America’s oldest park, Boston Common. If you walk in a northerly direction, you will soon discover the charm of this sought-after residential area. The narrow streets are characterized by the presence of beautiful Victorian-style buildings. Beacon Hill gets its name from the beacons that used to be found there. The district is therefore built on a hill. With these beacons people were warned of threatening situations. Now the city district is mainly inhabited by prominent Americans and stars. Uma Thurman, David Lee Roth and John Kerry are former residents of the neighborhood. The most famous street on Beacon Hill is Acorn Street. This is therefore frequently photographed by the many tourists who visit the place of interest every year.

Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is well suited for a well-filled day trip. Especially if you are a lover of Impressionism or the Renaissance, a visit to this museum should not be missed. You will also find various works of art and collections from European, American and non-Western art history. You can enjoy art relics by Rubens, Titian, Veronese and many other famous artists. Absolute highlights of a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston are Donatello’s Madonna relief and of course Turner’s slave ship. Nice to know is that this museum has a large collection of Monet artworks. This makes the collection, except for France, the largest in the world. A visit to the museum is also a great day activity with children. They can take a journey of discovery through the museum by route or take part in one of the free guided tours.

Fenway Park
If you’re a baseball fan, Fenway Park is just the place for you. This historic stadium is the home of the Boston Red Sox. Matches that are played there are always crowded. Fenway Park is also nice to visit when there are no sports games scheduled. You can even take part in interesting guided tours to learn all about the stadium itself and the clubs that regularly play there. In the stadium you can admire statues of star players, as well as view murals with historical value. The stadium exudes an intimate atmosphere and is more than worth a visit.

Old State House
The Old State House in Boston is located in the middle of the financial district. The appearance of the old building is therefore unique against the new futuristic buildings. The Old State House was formerly used as the seat of the colonial government by British settlers. The influences of this are still clearly visible on the building itself. The white turret on the building is a good example of this. The Old State House now houses an exhibit about the Bostonian Society. It is also possible to get married in this beautiful building. When you visit, you can just witness an American wedding. On the outside of the building, below the balcony, a circle can be seen in the cobblestones. This is where the Boston Massacre, claimed by British soldiers, took place in 1770. This is where a group of Bostonians died. The Old State House is also one of the sights on the Freedom Trail in Boston.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
The well-attended Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum represents three beautiful sailing ships named Eleanor, Dartmouth, and Beaver. They take you back to December 1773. Memorable, because on this day as many as 342 chests of tea were thrown overboard in Boston Harbor. This protest against the tax was at the foot of the American Revolution. The three ships now house a beautiful museum with many performances that take you back in time. In addition, the Boston Tea party Ships & Museum contains a real theater called Minuteman. Of course you can also go on board for a delicious cup of tea, colonial souvenirs and nice handicrafts. A visit to the ships and the museum can be combined with sights such as Boston Common or Faneuil Hall. These are within walking distance of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

Skywalk Observatory
If you’re not afraid of heights, a visit to the Skywalk Observatory is a definite highlight of your stay in Boston. The Skywalk is located on the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower. Standing at 749 feet, you can imagine that the view from here is literally breathtaking. The Skywalk Observatory gives you a nice view of Fenway Park, Harvard University and of course the Charles River. The opposite Hancock Tower skyscraper is also clearly visible from this position. And have you grown hungry from this great height? Then visit the Top of the Hub restaurant on the 52nd floor. Over a delicious meal, you once again enjoy an amazing view that can be as long as 100 miles on clear days. You’ll find the Skywalk Observatory in the hip Black Bay neighborhood.

Paul Revere House
The Paul Revere House is Boston’s oldest residence. You will find this beautiful home in the North End. Just looking at the outside, it takes you back to the colonial era of 1680. The house now serves as a memorial site for Paul Revere. In 1775 he warned leaders Adams and Hancock of the approaching danger from British quarters. The Paul Revere House is therefore one of the first museums in America with great historical value. Visit the house where you get a unique insight into the colonial life of yesteryear. The Paul Revere House also has an impressive courtyard that houses a large clock. This is made by the originally silversmith Paul Revere.

Paul Revere House