Review: Verbatim-LED-Downlight – the Bright Noble Emitte

To look pretty and enormously bright, the new dimmable verbatim LED downlight with nominal 12 Watt presents itself. As integrated luminaire including driver and mounting frame is the spotlight a “ready to use” all-in-one solution, which is offered also for professionals who work in the Interior.

That “Mitsubishi Chemical” subsidiary verbatim lately not only LED retrofit lamps, but also integrated complete lights ‘made in China’ offers, you could me read in August.

However, only one of these fresh model series is also dimmable: the official 12 Watts of strong downlights white or ALU/chrome – with either 25 or 40 degree beam angle and at a unit price of 69.90 euro (RRP). For the test, “Verbatim Europe” has sent me a silver shiny 40 ° variant ; settle in an extem, white (pre-series?-) packaging with two stickers (pictured above right).

There is little data on the package

On closer inspection, you see a few dry data, but no EU eco-label and unfortunately no information to “General color rendering index” (RA/CRI 80), light (1200 candelas) or switching resistance (60,000 cycles):

Interestingly, the Product site reveals more significantly, revealed but also small differences. So is there by 30,000 lamp hours lifetime the speech and not only by 25,000 online will reveal also the totalluminous flux (710 lm) and not only the EU compliant rating a cone angle of 90 degrees (675 lm). You will also see the efficiency label (picture on the right)that meets the EU requirements for lamps with non-replaceable light sources and allows therefore unfortunately no exact classification there. If you want to know: according to my calculations the downlight as directional luminaires creates an energy efficiency index (EEI) of 0.23, and therefore belongs in the ‘ A ‘ class (between 0,40 and 0.19). With protection degree IP20, it is limited to use in dry indoors.

Polarised connector

The 188 grams light aluminium luminaire with complete mounting frame rest in the packaging (outer diameter 11.2 cm) and swivelling part of the Interior, as well as fatal a 160 gram 14-wattdriver plastic with 250 Ma constant current and maximum 56 volts.Length, only 4 cm wide and 3.2 cm height also in small holes in a ceiling fit thanks to 12.5 cm. You must tighten the two 230-Volt primary terminals, the secondary voltage runs on the other side via a fixed cable and a polarity plug to its counterpart on the also fixed light cable. In total, approximately 29 cm distance between driver and light can be bridged.

However, the wells for usual GU10/GU5, 3 spot frame is not enough for the verbatim-light. She needs about a centimetre with good 75 mm mounting diameter. Air should be at least 6 cm behind the ceiling because the “cool spikes” on the back of the head when adjusting with swing.

Advantage of this design with specially matched elements: even in continuous operation is no critical temperature. I have measured a maximum of 46 degrees at the hottest spot of the driver and only 44 degrees on the spot. Various Retrofit Spots are often even at a much lower performance significantly warmer. After all, the integrated combination of verbatim according to my hobby meter on a normal switch draws 13.3 Watts electrical power factor of 0.90.

Oddly enough, the driver idle had already 2.3 watt consumption (power factor: 0.85). If this is the reading, he would no longer comply with the applicable since 1 September,new EU efficiency provisions, allow the maximum 1 Watt “standby” power.

Lumen rather different as excessive

At the desk, there was no noticeable delay, but only a lasting about three seconds “fading” when turned off. Drivers and lamp remained silent – no whirring soundstarnished the good impression that the generated light made: very bright and far-reaching, pleasant light color and 40 degrees half value angle thanks to a halogen spot-like Abstrahlchrakteristik – but with less flare:

The nominal 3000 Kelvin for the color temperature have appeared credible, rather understated the mentioned 710 lumens for the totalluminous flux me. High performanceCOB module in the middle of a faceted verbatim “Diamond Cut”-Reflektors (picture right) illuminates the environment even on distances, which itself cannot offer a very large living room.

I could enlighten over 15 metres from garden anyway, over a large area from a window on the first floor. Reading a newspaper should work quite well at this distance from the light source. So, owners of hotel lobbies, restaurants and shops with very high ceilings may expect that comes down more than enough light.

Decent color rendition

Neat understatement reigns at the verbatim-LED-downlight, presumably in terms of color fidelity. The figure of my standard model in this discipline – “cloudy”, without post processing photographed a site Ducati 916 in miniature against a white background, with white balance – can be on a “General color rendering index” by little more than close the official RA/CRI 80 value:

The typical “warm white” bulbs yellow / orange shift the colors not overly strong is the red as such, yet well recognizable. “Free shut up” I would tap (“red saturated”) 82-85 and a single value of at least 20 for additional measuring inks R9 about RA. Here not even the half – and the looks you will alsocreate numerous RA-80 LED lamps. Also okay: The digital camera’s screen showed only a very faint flickeringin the light of the verbatim spotlight. Even the most sensitive eyes are barely perceive it in practice.

Brief reflection on the dimmer

That remains my dimmer tests so. A flashing or flickering there only for intentional false preferences of my adjustable young stagesofcutting dimmer; on the non-adjustable phase cutting dimmer from the hardware storedownthe light was consistently stable after a more or less short start-up phase. Darkest setting the light fixed itself here after turning within about a half-second high. This time needs the ballast to the offered power to analyze and fix – a known the LED module according to flicker-free and phenomenonwith modern light sources of this kind. Lightest level, the delay but tended toward zero.

The overall performance of the phase dimmers, drivers and lamp combination left control from 4 to 12,9 Watts – maximum power factor of 0.84. Expressed in brightness, which means about a range between 30 and 95 per cent of the maximum luminous flux.In the light in each phase remained silent, silent during the driver at a maximum 5 cm distance buzzed.

Wide control range thanks to adjusting screw

On the phase control dimmers, the transformer especially at medium settings was significantly louder and was still audible on about 50 cm. “Very dark” and “full brightness” the buzz was reduced to the level proposed by the dimmers. In practice, that should play but hardly a role, because the driver usually in cahoots disappears and the lamp itself provides no disturbing noises.

Thanks to Justierschräubchen and according to customized default widened the flicker-free, continuous control range with the Young dimmer on 1.6 to 13.4 Watts maximum power factor of 0.9. That should cover just about the margin between 10 and 100% of maximum brightness – a very decent result for a dimmable LED bulb. Small downside: time extended the darkest setting to about one second. The occurring on the switch 3-seconds-“From thread” after the caps in the power supply was also largely identical to the two dimmers.

Verbatim even recommends a series of phase control dimmers for its LED-downlight (in the selection mask that 52407 enter product number). I would recommend yet anadjustable phase dimmers with lowest possible minimum load on the heart, because that generally minimizes the danger of noise of the dimmer or driver.

My test result:

Nearly 70 euro (MSRP) for a built-in LED spotlights are nothing to sneeze at.Brightness, dimming, quality of light, optics and nominal lifetime of the verbatim downlights can meet but also more demanding as they are in commercial use or design-oriented, large households. In contrast to other lamps of this type, you need to buy any additional mounting frame – it’s all completely ready to use in the package.

Energy efficiency – above all the driver – is improvement, as the Three-year verbatim limited warranty for LED bulbs. The Stromsparpotenzial compared to a halogen spot with similarly high luminous intensity is around 80 percent. On my five adequate, new and very strict LED rating scale that meets as a whole however loose for
three star.

Reproduction test in Japan ran flicker-free

Update 29.9: Today, I got a detailed, English-language statement by the verbatim product management from Japan, which translated reads:

“We have completed a reproduction test and just finished, which showed that the verbatim downlight 52407 has no flickering problems! Here a summary of our audit:

The downlight was operated with the standard transformer to normal 220 volts. After two hours of lamp life, it was switched off and could cool down. Then it was switched on again – without flicker.”

The same procedure had been reviewed with 16 and six hours of burn time. Here, too, there had been no flicker after cooling off and switching on again. In addition, you have several times in a row the downlight and off without to be able to reproduce the phenomenon observed by me. In summary, the Produtkmanagement said:

“We have seen no reproducibility under different conditions and have to produce an outcome that proves a flicker associated with the quality of the product. However it would be conceivable that it was caused by some unknown factors in a different environment of the user.”

Usually my test lamps and lighting fixtures are connected to the test place an energy meter connected in between. I ran the verbatim downlight after occurrence of the flicker in addition in two other places in the apartment directly at 230 volts, to avoid a possible negative impact of the meter. The result was still the same and the flickering always reproducible. The second test sample runs, however, on one of those of the power grid still completely easily and flicker-free.