Tower Suspension Bridge

Places to Visit in Yellowstone NP, United States

Yellowstone National Park is a famous natural park in America, which belongs to the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Nowhere in the world will you find such a high concentration of natural resources as here in Yellowstone National Park. The park, which now covers almost nine thousand square kilometers, is visited by millions of tourists every year. Some experts call Yellowstone National Park a ticking time bomb. It is located on a dormant volcano that comes to life once every six hundred thousand years. Statistics had predicted an eruption several thousand years ago. Nevertheless, the park attracts many visitors who like to come and admire all the natural beauty. The many hiking trails, highways and rivers take you to the many beautiful places that this park has. Think of waterfalls, rock formations, hot springs, geysers, lakes and rivers. The park has several options for overnight stays, with camping being the most attractive for many tourists. In addition, there are also hotels and lodges available. You can participate in various activities in Yellowstone National Park. All kinds of tours are organized where you can enjoy all the beauty that can be found here on foot, by boat, in a canoe, on a horse or by bus or bicycle. You will certainly not soon forget a visit to Yellowstone National Park.Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with T.

Top 10 Things to Do in Yellowstone NP

Grand Prismatic Spring
On an open expanse on the Midway Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, you can see America’s largest hot spring with your own eyes. The Grand Prismatic Spring has a diameter of more than 100 meters. The micro-organism that grows around the edges of the mineral-rich water creates a beautiful color palette during the spring and summer. Think of colors such as from orange-red to bright yellow and from turquoise to intense blue. The green landscape around it completes the picture afterwards.

Great Fountain Geyser
In the Lower Geyser Basin is the Great Fountain Geyser of Yellowstone National Park. Hundreds of tourists gather here every day to capture the spouting water on photos. The violence that accompanies this more than once provides an adrenaline rush that can be heard everywhere. Many visitors marvel at the power of this natural fountain geyser, which often captivates visitors for an hour. The frequency is on average between nine and fifteen hours. It therefore remains exciting whether you are witness to an eruption.

Abyss Pool
The magical colors of the Abyss Pool located in West Tumb Geyser Basin will be etched in your memory forever. This deepest hot spring in Yellowstone Park was discovered about 1920 by Daniel T. Potts, an American trapper. The sulfur and micro-organism present causes the clay to discolour in shades such as pink, violet, red and yellow. The crystal clear water of the more than fifteen meters deep Abyss Pool then completes it. You can look meters deep into the water from the lookout. The Abyss Pool has not been unjustly declared by many people to be a fairytale source.

A park like Yellowstone National Park has not only a lot of natural beauty, but also a diversity of animal life. The vast grasslands, jagged rock formations, swirling rivers and densely wooded forests are ideal for bears, moose, bison, birds of prey, mountain lions and yes even wolves. You probably hope to meet some of these animals at an appropriate distance. Unfortunately, the park is their habitat and you can see them everywhere. Clear rules have therefore been drawn up in the park, with the emphasis on compliance with them. A warned person counts for two.

Chromatic Spring and Beauty Pool
In the area of ​​the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone Park you can enjoy the beautiful interplay of the Chromatic Spring hot springs and the nearby Beauty Pool. The water level goes up and down in between and the temperature is also very variable. The bacteria present provide another beautiful color palette. Via a wooden decking path you can follow a fantastic route along other sources in the area. Another famous geyser in this area is the Old Faitful.

Union Falls
Although there are several beautiful waterfalls to discover in Yellowstone Park, this one should certainly not be missing from the list of most beautiful sights. Union Falls in Yellowstone National Park is one of the largest waterfalls you can admire. The flow of the water comes from Mountain Ash Creek, among others. The seventy-five-foot-tall Union Falls are accessible via several hiking and climbing trails, such as Grassy Lake trailhead, Fish Lake trailhead, and Cace Falls trailhead.

Upper Falls Viewpoint
This over thirty meters high Upper Fall water embankment is a celebrity in Yellowstone National Park. From different directions you can see the splashing water rushing down at high speed. Most visitors choose to admire the Upper Falls from Uncle Tom’s Lookout.

Canyon Vistor Education Center
In Canyon Village, you can get off to a great start by visiting the Canyon Visitor Education Center. It tells in a fascinating way how the Yellowstone volcano has formed all kinds of geysers, hot springs and the landscape. You can also watch a film in which the geology of the park is clearly visible. The Canyon Visitor Education Center is very educational and fun for young and old.

Tower Suspension Bridge
On a thrilling walk on the Yellowstone River Trail that turns into the Hellroaring Creek Trail, you’ll pass the Tower Suspension Bridge. This partially cabled bridge crosses the Yellowstone River at Mammoth Hot Springs. From the bridge you have an amazing view over the landscape and the strongly flowing Yellowstone River.

Tower Suspension Bridge

Fly Fishing
If you are planning to go fishing in Yellowstone National Park, it is a good idea to purchase a permit immediately upon entering the park. In addition, there are different rules per area regarding the amount you can fish and the size of the fish. They can tell you more about this in the visitor center. Fly fishing is a different angling sport than what we are used to in the Netherlands. For example, for your equipment you need waterproof pants, a special vest, a fly rod, a fly line and special bait. It is therefore definitely worth a recommendation to go with a specially organized Fly Fishing Tour. They explain to you clearly how it works.