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Places to Visit in Denver, United States

Denver is a bustling city that is exactly 1 mile high. It is therefore sometimes called the mile high city. This city has a lot to offer. From a vibrant nightlife to a mecca for sports enthusiasts. Denver is also the place to be if you are a lover of cultural history. The city has many interesting museums and buildings that reveal the rich history of the city. Denver is compact in size and that makes a stay all the more pleasant.

Chat with a true local over a drink in Lower Downtown, or enjoy the fun and entertainment at Union Station. Would you rather seek peace and relaxation? Even then Denver has plenty to offer. Visit Denver Zoo in the City Park or experience the serenity of the Botanic Gardens. To make your stay even more enjoyable, we have listed the most interesting sights in Denver for you. Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with I.

Top 10 Denver Attractions

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If you want to fully absorb the atmosphere of Denver, a visit to LoDo should not be missed. This abbreviation stands for Lower Downtown. This district contains a number of atmospheric streets that still breathe the real Wild West. You mainly visit LoDo if you want to go shopping or watch the life of the locals from one of the many terraces. There is also no shortage of restaurants in Lower Downtown. The center of this area is Larimer Square. Especially in the evenings it is full of entertainment and entertainment. This is therefore the place to be for a pleasant evening. Because there are also many locals here, this is the perfect place to have a chat with a real Denver resident.Within LoDo is Coors Field. This is Denver’s premier stadium and is within walking distance of Lower Downtown. This is home to many sports clubs such as the Colorado Rockies. Due to the beautiful architectural design, you have a great view from every seat in the stadium. You can visit this charming stadium during a match, but guided tours are also given regularly. This way you will learn everything about the rich history of Coors Field, the matches that have been played there and the famous star players who have been present. The top deck of the stadium has recently been renovated. From here you have a breathtaking view of the field and the surrounding area.

Denver Art Museum
The Denver Art Museum is a must-see during your stay in this city. The museum houses a large number of works of art that are mainly based on modern art. The more than 70,000 works of art come from all over the world. The building of the Denver Art Museum is also special. This is divided into two areas. They were designed by the Italian Gio Ponti and the Polish architect Libeskind. The latter architect is also responsible for the WTC in New York. The Denver Art Museum also houses a large collection of Native American art.

River North Arts District
You see more and more that city districts are made so interesting by means of all kinds of street art that they transform into ‘not to be missed’ sights within a city. We believe that the River North Arts District, also often referred to simply as mer RiNo, is such a district. Here you can enjoy the most beautiful murals and other works of art while walking through the streets. RiNo has become an open-air museum where you go on a journey of discovery between urban street art. If you want to shoot cool photos for social media or for an old-fashioned photo album, you should definitely plan a visit to the River North Arts District. It is doable to walk from the city center to RiNo.

Union Station
A favorite place in Denver is Union Station. This historic train station has undergone a complete renovation after it was badly damaged by a fire in 1894. The building was then still used as a train station, but the renovation was only carried out provisionally. After a major redevelopment, the Union Station is now known as Denver’s Living Room. This is where locals gather to be entertained. In the station you will find plenty of shops, restaurants and other forms of entertainment. Of course you can still use the train. There is a connection from the Denver airport to the station. There is even a hotel in the concourse of Union Station in Denver. A visit is therefore more than worth it.

Denver Botanic Gardens
You will find peace and space in the Denver Botanic Gardens. This attraction guarantees a few hours of pure relaxation in the middle of no fewer than 45 different gardens. These impressive gardens show you a beautiful combination of local plants and exotic crops. In the Denver Botanic Gardens you can admire gardens from, for example, Africa or Australia. All equipped with the corresponding greenery from that country. The indoor Greenhouse is also a real must-see. The tropical climate in this large greenhouse ensures that special plant species grow luxuriantly. The Greenhouse was also the setting for the film “Sleeper” by director Woody Allen.

Molly Brown House Museum
A must-see in Denver is the Molly Brown House Museum. This lady survived the Titanic disaster in 1912 and is therefore also known as the “unsinkable Molly Brown”. Although Molly Brown originally came from a poor family, she gained her prestige through her involvement in women’s organizations and politics. As a result, she rose to the prosperous Denver society. The Molly Brown House Museum gives you a unique insight into the life of this legend. Participating in a tour is the most fun, so you get to hear interesting facts about this lady. The building was designed by William Lang and dates from 1889.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Whether you’re not a lover of nature and science, a visit to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is simply a must during your stay in this city. The museum offers a very varied collection of exhibitions. You can learn all about the history of Dinosaurs, but you can also explore the universe in the planetarium. The museum also includes an IMAX theater that hosts interesting performances every day. It is therefore not for nothing that the DMNS is a leader in the field of cultural-historical temporary performances. A visit gives you a different view of nature and science in the broadest sense of the word.

Colorado State Capitol
When you think of Denver, you automatically think of the Colorado State Capitol. With a central location in the city, this immense building is not to be missed. The exact location of the State Capitol is the Civic Center Park. The dome of the building has a striking gold color. This symbolizes the Colorado Gold Rush that dates back to the nineteenth century. During a visit to the Colorado State Capitol you should definitely take a closer look at the stairs. This is also called the mile high step and is exactly 1 mile high. Guided tours are regularly given, especially Mr. Brown’s Attic room is worth checking out. This museum tells you all about Colorado’s rich history.

Denver Zoo
The Denver Zoo is a real city zoo with an African touch. The landscape of the Zoo has also been adapted to this. Here you can view more than 700 different animal species in a natural habitat that has been recreated as closely as possible. The Denver Zoo is home to animals such as tigers, monitor lizards, hyenas, and lions. The zoo even has its own hospital where sick or injured animals are taken care of. In addition, you can enjoy spectacular shows or attend a performance in the 4D theater. The Denver Zoo is highly recommended during your holiday or city trip. You will find the zoo close to downtown Denver in the City Park.

Forney Museum of Transportation
If you’re a transportation enthusiast, a visit to Denver’s Forney Museum of Transportation is a must. In this museum you can admire more than 600 special pieces of art. They all have something to do with transport in their own way. The “Big Boy” can also be admired here. This is the largest steam locomotive in the world and was owned by Union Pacific. Old fire trucks, buggies, carriages and other vehicles can also be admired here in their full glory. One of the highlights of the Forney Museum of Transportation’s collection is an 1888 funicular that served in Denver.

Forney Museum of Transportation