Papaikou, Hawaii

Papaikou, Hawaii Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to SMBER.COM, Papaikou is a small town located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is situated between the towns of Hilo and Pepeekeo, along the Hamakua Coast. Papaikou is known for its rural charm and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

The town itself is home to approximately 1,000 people and covers an area of about 2 square miles. Most of the residents are involved in agriculture, fishing, and forestry activities. The town also includes several small businesses such as convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and a public library.

Papaikou is bordered by several other towns that offer plenty of attractions for visitors and locals alike. To the north lies Hilo, one of Hawaii’s most popular cities due to its abundance of outdoor activities such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, hiking trails and more. Further north lies Pepeekeo which offers a variety of cultural attractions including museums and historic sites as well as some great shopping opportunities.

To the south lies Honokaa which offers plenty to do for families or couples looking for a relaxing getaway including beautiful beaches with excellent surfing conditions as well as golf courses and other outdoor activities. Further south lies Waipio Valley which is known for its lush vegetation and breathtaking views from atop its cliffs overlooking the valley below.

To the east lies Laupahoehoe which is home to an impressive beach park featuring black sand beaches with excellent swimming conditions as well as picnic areas perfect for relaxing during your stay in Papaikou. Further east lies Hakalau which features some amazing trails perfect for exploring Hawaii’s natural beauty on foot or horseback.

Finally, to the west lies Kalopa State Park offering visitors some spectacular views from atop its steep hillsides overlooking nearby valleys filled with lush green foliage. This park also offers camping opportunities so you can stay overnight in nature while taking in all that this part of Hawaii has to offer.

In conclusion, Papaikou is surrounded by many beautiful towns that offer something unique for everyone who visits or lives there. From outdoor activities to museums to camping under stars – there’s something here for everyone.

Papaikou, Hawaii

Population of Papaikou, Hawaii

Papaikou, Hawaii is a small town located on the island of Hawaii. It is situated on the Hamakua Coast, and has a population of approximately 1,500 people. The majority of the population consists of Native Hawaiians and those of Asian descent. The town has a strong sense of community and culture that can be seen in the many festivals, celebrations, and events that take place throughout the year.

The economy in Papaikou is largely based on agriculture, fishing, forestry activities, and small businesses such as convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and a public library. Many people are employed in these industries or work in nearby towns such as Hilo or Honokaa. People also visit Papaikou for its stunning natural beauty – from its lush green valleys to its beautiful black sand beaches.

The education system in Papaikou is highly regarded by locals and visitors alike. It consists of three public schools: Papaikou Elementary School (PK-6th grade), Laupahoehoe High School (7th-12th grade), and Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School (K-12). All three schools offer an excellent education with an emphasis on Hawaiian culture and language immersion programs for students who are interested in learning more about their heritage.

The local government in Papaikou is run by an elected mayor who works alongside members of the town council to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents. The mayor also works with other community leaders to organize special events such as festivals or educational programs for locals to enjoy together.

Overall, Papaikou offers a unique blend of culture, history, natural beauty, education opportunities, employment opportunities and more – making it an ideal place to live or visit. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities such as surfing or hiking trails or simply want to relax on one of its beautiful beaches – there’s something here for everyone.

Schools and Education of Papaikou, Hawaii

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES.COM, Papaikou, Hawaii is home to many educational opportunities for its residents. The public school system in Papaikou is part of the Hawaii Department of Education and consists of one elementary school, Papaikou Elementary School, and one middle school, Papaikou Intermediate School. Both schools are located on the same campus and serve students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The elementary school follows a traditional curriculum with core classes in math, science, language arts, social studies and physical education. The middle school offers a variety of electives such as art, music, technology and foreign languages. They also provide advanced placement courses for those students who are ready to challenge themselves academically.

Higher education opportunities in Papaikou include the University of Hawaii at Hilo which is located just ten miles away from the town center. UH Hilo offers a wide range of degree programs including liberal arts and sciences degrees as well as professional degrees in business administration, nursing, education and engineering. In addition to UH Hilo there are several two-year colleges within easy driving distance that offer certificate programs and associate degrees in various fields such as health care or technology. There are also numerous private schools available for those who wish to pursue religious or non-traditional forms of education.

Landmarks in Papaikou, Hawaii

Papaikou, Hawaii is a small town located on the Big Island of Hawaii and is home to many unique and interesting landmarks. One of the most prominent landmarks in Papaikou is Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site. This site is an ancient Hawaiian temple that was built in 1790 by King Kamehameha I as part of his effort to unify the Hawaiian Islands. Visitors can explore this historical site and learn about its cultural importance.

Another popular landmark in Papaikou is the Kalanianaole Monument, which honors Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, who served as a Congressman from 1903 to 1922 and helped preserve Hawaiian culture and traditions. The monument features a bronze statue of Prince Kuhio surrounded by tropical plants and trees, making it a great place for visitors to explore nature while learning about Hawaiian history.

The Papaikou Mill site is also an important landmark in Papaikou. This former sugar plantation was once one of the largest employers in the area until its closure in 1967, but today it serves as a reminder of Hawaii’s past industrial development. The mill site includes several historic buildings that have been preserved for visitors to explore, including an old sugar mill building and a blacksmith shop.

Finally, there is Wailoa State Park which offers visitors plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities with its beachfront access, trails, picnic areas, fishing spots and more. Visitors can also learn about local history at the nearby Imiola Church or take part in cultural events such as hula performances at nearby Halau Hula o Wailoa Cultural Center. All these landmarks make Papaikou an exciting destination for anyone looking to explore Hawaii’s history and culture.