MBA Trends for the Next Decade

MBA Trends for the Next Decade

Given the expectation that the next decade will bring changes in the economy and business, it is convenient that professionals in these areas are prepared for the new challenges and market demands.

To determine the trends of the Master of Business Administration (MBA, for its acronym in English) must take into consideration technology, environment and soft skills.

One of the most demanded approaches for MBAs is sustainability and how businesses will adapt their models to an eco-friendly line in the next 10 years.

MBA Trends for the Next Decade

Likewise, management programs and the development of soft skills have gained popularity in recent years and will continue to enjoy the same, since according to Francesca Roveda, Director of Admissions at SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy), these are not temporary nor are they they become obsolete,

In addition, technology and digital marketing are other of the most requested careers. At this point, professionals should be able to understand how to quickly adapt technology for optimal use in business.

On the other hand, during the selection process for candidates, the study centers will evaluate beyond the language certificates and participation in volunteering. Other aspects such as a global vision, international exposure, experiences abroad or desire to have them, having belonged to a sports team or a cultural group, also make the applicant’s profile more interesting.

With regard to years of professional experience, the recommended minimum is three years and the average is around six years.

On the other hand, Anne Garat director of marketing and recruitment at Insead Business School (France) maintains that in the same way, it is a matter of maturity because there are those who may be ready to take a master’s degree in two years and others in seven ”.

Those interested in studying an MBA should bear in mind that values ​​and virtues are aspects that gain weight in applications, which are measured more in the interview than in the CV itself.

Despite the changes in business trends and technological advances, professional ethics remains and is precisely an element that people should not neglect.