MBA - Required for Success

MBA: Required for Success?

The MBA was essential to expand my career possibilities, as soon as I finished it I was able to move from the position of Legal Director to the position of Director of Technology Strategy. Such a change was only possible thanks to what was learned in him ”.

MBA - Required for Success

The experience of Salomon Vaie Lustgarten, who today holds the position of Regulatory Affairs Director of SAB MillerLatAm, in Miami, is one of the happiest examples of how much a suitable MBA does, in the right place, for the potential of an executive express yourself to the fullest.

Of the 10 who are in the top position and are owners or relatives of the founders, half have completed an MBA (and two have postgraduate degrees in management development), a sign that accessing the most up-to-date information on management can never be negative .

Now, in case you decide to study it, the question is what impact it may have, for example, if you want to be a member of a team that seeks to internationalize a company, study a local MBA or one from abroad.

Those who study abroad, Ortiz explains, “probably have a much more global vision in relation to the one who did the local specialization.

This would affect the cultural adaptation of the company in the internationalization process ”. The above points to one of the non-obvious values ​​that these studies contribute: the command of English.

“One of the most important factors today is the command of English. In multinational companies this is an absolutely exclusive tool to take any type of executive positions ”, Youlton sentence. But there is more: Whoever travels outside the region to a high-level school, “in addition to prestige, achieves multicultural knowledge and the language”, and “the fact of having had this multicultural experience allows the executive to have greater flexibility to face different markets, cultures and countries ”.

Frías qualifies this move abroad. “It is a complex issue that is evolving. Currently, the cultural imprint of each country and region is being highly valued, so that local MBAs become very relevant ”. Returning to the heart of the matter, Lustgarten, from SABMiller, who did his MBA at the U. de los Andes, disagrees that the greatest value (for a later career) is that of multiculturalism.

If an MBA is not mandatory, the suspicion is that your offer may have been commoditized. Frías believes that “commoditization can be argued based on the transparency of the programs and the generalization of content.” However, “the higher value MBAs are different due to the particular combination they offer of faculty quality, student quality, and a mix of local and international content.”

MBA according to your profile, which is the right one?

Thousands of people around the world are choosing to study an MBA, if this is your case, you should know that there are important factors that you should take into account before choosing one and know how to choose an MBA according to your profile.

  • The first step is to ask yourself what is the main reason that has motivated you to study an MBA, being clear about this point, you can determine the following.
  • Also determining where you want to work at the end of your preparation is an important part of the process.

Most business school applications ask you about your career aspirations, wanting to get a clear and compelling explanation of where you want to be in the future and why their school can help you achieve your goals and give you an MBA. according to your profile .

  • Determine budget and study mode

This will be decided according to your circumstances, if you will work and study at the same time, or if you will only dedicate yourself to study. It is worth mentioning that there are schools that are innovating and offer you online courses, adapting in an extraordinary way to your needs.

There are also organizations and banks that offer low-interest loans, and in this way you can finance your preparation, which in the end is an excellent investment to be able to obtain your MBA according to your profile.

The criteria for choosing the school are too important a step since it will be part of our reputation and preparation to achieve an MBA according to your profile .

Some points to take into consideration are the following:

  • International renown
  • Labor incorporation data
  • The remuneration of the investment made
  • The possibility of scholarships
  • Specializations
  • The rankings
  • The teaching model
  • Course duration
  • Alumni testimonials

It is important to find out from reliable sources such as the institutions’ web pages and better yet, have a meeting with the school representatives.

Remember that your own and honest analysis will save you a lot of time and energy, and will help you better choose the MBA according to your profile.