Make America Small Again Part 3

On August 12, Nazis, racists and armed militia members staged a demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia. The occasion was the City Council’s plans to remove statues of Southern States Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, who during the United States Civil War in 1861-63 were at the head of the Southern State Hero fighting for the preservation of slavery. The Nazi demonstration was met by a counter-demonstration made up of civil rights advocates and residents of Charlottesville. Police kept the two demonstrations sharply separate until a Nazi drove his car into the counter-demonstration at over 100 mph, wounding over 10 people and killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer. Politically motivated attacks on vehicles are usually termed by terrorist media and politicians in the US and Europe, but in this case President Trump refused to take that word in his mouth, and instead characterized civil rights defenders and Nazis as equally violent. The president’s tale provided torrential downpours across the country. According to directoryaah, just two days later, the CEOs of major corporations Intel, Merck and Under Armor resigned from Trump’s business council, thus throwing the council into chaos. It happened in protest of Trump’s narrative of Charlottesville. Across the country, authorities began removing public statues and memorials that paid tribute to supporters slavery and racism. This settlement of slave history, on the other hand, was subjected to violent outbursts by Trump. On August 23, Trump traveled to Phonix to be praised by his supporters. It triggered extensive counter-demonstrations involving tens of thousands. The demonstrations ended up being dissolved by police with tear gas. (Protests at Donald Trump rally in Phoenix – in pictures, Guardian 23/8 2017)

On August 18, Trump’s chief adviser, Steve Banon, was fired. He was the preliminary last in an almost endless stream of replacements in the Trump administration. Here is an incomplete list.

Date Person (s)
January 20, 2017 Immediately upon his deployment, the president announces that all U.S. ambassadors who are not career diplomats but are deployed politically by Obama are fired with immediate effect
January 30th Trump fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, as it is clear she will not force the Department of Justice to defend the Trump administration’s unconstitutional entry ban
February 13th National Security Council Chairman General Michael Flynn is forced to resign after just 23 days in office. He did not claim to have had contact with the Russian Embassy in Washington during Trump’s election campaign. It was a lie
March 10th US new racist Justice Minister Jeff Sessions calls on 46 state prosecutors to resign. When the New York state prosecutor refuses, he is fired with immediate effect.
March 30th White House Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh fired after Trump failed to get Obamacare buried in Congress.
April 9 Deputy Commanding Officer of the National Security Council, KT McFarland fired and relocated to the post of Ambassador to Singapore after being confronted by the President of the National Security Council, General HR McMaster
May 9th Trump fires with immediate effect FBI Director James Comey. Trump had tried to force Comey to stop FBI investigations into illegal links between the Trump administration and Russia.The firing is very unusual, causing Congress to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate Trump-Russia relations.
30. May White House Communications Director Mike Dubke resigns after just 3 months in the position.
July 6 The director of the White House Office of Government Ethics, Walter Schaub resigns. For many months, he has tried in vain to get Trump to part with his financial interests.
July 20 The spokesman for the White House legal team to defend Trump from investigating the illegal contacts Mark Corallo is resigning. So does Chief Justice Marc Kasowitz.
July 21st Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer resigns after it has been announced that Anthony Scaramucci will take over the post of communications director after Dubke.
July 25 Scaramucci fires Assistant Press Secretary Michael Short in an attempt to halt the steady stream of leaked stories from the White House
July 29th Trump fires his chief of staff, Reince Priebus. Trump still hasn’t gotten rid of Obamacare, and one must be blamed
July 31st Anthony Scaramucci is fired after just 10 days in the post of communications director. He has teamed up with both Trump’s chief adviser Steve Bannon and the new chief of staff, General John Kelly
August 19th Trump and Chief of Staff Kelly fire Steve Bannon
August 26th Right-wing political adviser Sebastian Gorka is fired. He was a close ally of Bannon who smoked the week before.
September 29th Health Minister Tom Price is fired. It has been revealed that he has spent $ 1 million. US $ of public funds on private flights. However, the real reason is that Trump has not yet managed to get a majority in Congress to abolish Obamacare.
February 7, 2018 Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigns after it has been revealed that he has bullied two of his former wives
February 28, 2018 White House communications director Hope Hicks is fired after she comes to reveal that she frequently relays “white lies” on behalf of Trump.
March 6, 2018 Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, is retiring after Trump launched a trade war against the rest of the world.
March 13, 2018 “By the way, I’ve fired the Foreign Minister.” Trump fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
March 22, 2018 Trump fires his national security adviser, General McCaster. He is replaced by Nazi John Bolton, who for a brief period was UN ambassador under Bush Jr.
April 8, 2018 Michael Anton, Trump’s spokesman on security matters goes. It is the day before Nazi John Bolton takes over the post of national security adviser
July 6, 2018 Environment Minister Scott Pruit resigns. Not because of his climate denial and persistent efforts to destroy the environment, but scandals surrounding his personal overuse of government funds.
October 9 UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announces that she will resign by the end of 2018
November 7, 2018 Justice Jeff Sessions is fired
December 10, 2018 Chief of Staff, General John Kelly resigns. There is now only one adult left in the White House: Marine General James Mattis
December 20, 2018 Navy general and Secretary of War James Mattis resigns in protest of Trump’s immediate withdrawal from Syria. Trump acknowledges advancing the resignation 2 months to 31/12. There are no more adults left in the White House standing between Trump and the nuclear button.
December 23, 2018 Trump’s adviser on IS, Brett McGurk resigns in protest of President’s immediate withdrawal from Syria
Incomplete list of replacements on key posts in administration during the first 23 months of Trump’s reign

Make America Small Again 3