Make America Small Again 12

Make America Small Again Part 12

According to best-medical-schools, Saudi Arabia had the government-critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi executed at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in early October. Unfortunately for the sheep, Turkey allowed the execution to be made public, and while the sheep had forced $ 18 million. Yemenites out in famine, the one murdered journalist entered the world scene and diverted attention from the war crimes in Yemen. In the first few weeks after the execution, the Saudi government changed almost daily the explanation from Khashoggi leaving the consulate alive to the death of a mob. The interesting thing was that in each new Saudi explanation, Trump in Washington called this one “credible.” Trump was quickly isolated in this position. Not even the Republican top politicians believed in the sheep and instead called for sanctions against the country. Not even when the CIA found out in November that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was most likely to have ordered the murder, Trump defected from his defense of the Saudi royal house. He had this for both personal and political reasons. Already in 2001, the Saudi royal house purchased the entire 45th floor of the “Trump Tower” in New York for $ 11 million. US $. The King’s House was a round-the-clock contributor to Trump’s election campaign, has bought many other of his apartments and, in addition, Trump himself has major financial interests in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Trump was dependent on Saudi Arabia playing a part in the US and Israel’s destabilization of Saudi Arabia. All these economic and strategic political interests should not be allowed to rock a single dead journalist.

In November, midterm elections were held in the United States. In the months leading up to the election, President Trump grew increasingly desperate at the prospect of Republicans losing the majority in both congressional chambers, and therefore actively joined the election campaign with grim rhetoric and meetings across the country in support of Republican candidates on the way out. The rhetoric was particularly targeted at 5,000 Central American emigrants en route to the United States. They fled the extensive violence decades US-backed dictatorships in Central America had created. Trump referred to them as terrorists and sent 5,000 soldiers to the border with Mexico in support of the thousands of border guards in advance. In this heated climate of hatred, other right-wing groups joined. In mid-October, a total of 12 powerful letter bombs were sent to the Clinton and Obama families, the Jewish billionaire George Soros and a host of others. After a few days, the FBI arrested a Trump supporter in Florida who was apparently the dispatcher. At the end of the month, another Trump supporter walked into a Philadelphia synagogue, killing 11 and wounding 6 others with an automatic weapon. The massacre was allegedly a protest against a Jewish group’s support for refugees. This was the most serious anti-Semitic attack in the history of the United States. When Trump traveled to Philadelphia a few days later to commemorate the murdered, he was met by demonstrations – a.k.a. of Jews – who linked his hate rhetoric with the other anti-Semitic right wing attacks on Jews.

At the end of October, the Facist and Captain Jair Bolsonaro won the Brazilian presidential election carried by the reactionary Brazilian media and the extreme right wing. Both Trump and John Bolton welcomed the election and saw an opportunity to use Colombia and Brazil for a military attack on Venezuela. Bolton referred to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba as an evil troika in Latin America, and 3 weeks after the Bolsonaro election, 8300 Cuban doctors were on their way out of Brazil. The United States also saw an opportunity to use Brazil against China. The two countries had so far had considerable trade, which the US saw an opportunity to halt.

The November midterm elections became a stinging defeat for Trump. In the House of Representatives, Democrats went up 40 seats and Republicans similarly declined. Trump thereby lost the majority in one of the congressional chambers. 53.1% had voted for Democrats and 45.1% for Republicans. In the Senate, Republicans retained the majority, advancing 1-2 seats. Still, only 38.8% had voted Republican, while 58% had voted for a Democrat. The fact that the election results fell differently was due to the electoral system, with each state having 2 representatives in the Senate, regardless of size. Trump won the small and the Democrats the big. The choice was demographically interesting. Especially among the young people there was a great mobilization and twice as many voted Democratic as a Republican. Among African American women, 92% voted democratically; African American men voted 88% democratically. Among Latino women, 73% voted democratically, and among men, 63%. Despite the close connection between the Trump government and Israel, 79% of Jewish voters in the United States voted democratically. The Philadelphia massacre a few days before the election was linked by many to Trump and his Nazi relations on the radical right. The largest support was given to Republicans among white men who voted for this party 60%. The election meant a gender slash in Congress and a slant to the left internally among Democrats. The number of women in the House of Representatives rose from 84 to 92 out of a total of 435. Most notable was the choice of the 29-year-old New York waitress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Congress’s first female Muslim representatives, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Make America Small Again 12