Make America Small Again 11

Make America Small Again Part 11

Trump’s national security adviser, Nazi John Bolton in September, attacked the ICC. Bolton threatened the ICC with US sanctions against the ICC and the entry ban on ICC judges and prosecutors. The occasion was that the ICC initiated investigations into US war crimes in Afghanistan and investigations into Israel’s war crimes against Palestine. He also took the opportunity to close the PLO’s office in Washington. The ICC responded the day after the Court’s statutes were ratified by 123 states and that it, of course, continued its investigation regardless of US threats. Bolton’s warlike statements about imprisoning ICC judges and prosecutors if they set foot on US soil and other sanctions against the ICC expressed some desperation on the part of the isolated superpower. According to ehangzhou, the United States has initially refused to sign and ratify the court’s statutes, but Afghanistan is a member and has asked the court to investigate the war crimes committed in the country. Including crimes committed by the United States. Similarly, the PLO has brought Israel’s war crimes against Palestine to court, and although the United States has put maximum pressure on the PLO by withdrawing all its assistance to self-government and throwing the PLO out of the United States, the PLO stands firm on its request to the ICC. The United States has always felt high above the international legal order, but is now catching up.

A new survey in August 2018 showed that Hurricane Maria had killed nearly 3,000 people in Puerto Rico in 2017. The hurricane’s loss figures were therefore comparable to the numbers killed on 9/9 2001 – but with vastly different consequences. Trump rejected the figure, claiming it was a campaign aimed at him. (Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico raises official death toll from 64 to 2,975, Guardian 28/8 2018)

In October, the United States threatened Russia with nuclear war. The reason was that Russia was preparing the setting up of cruise missiles for defense against the Western massive armaments. The US has already launched rockets in Poland and the Czech Republic as part of its “missile defense” targeting “hostile states”. US NATO Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison demanded that Russia cancel the planned arrangement. Otherwise, the United States would attack the cruise missiles before launching fire or in the factories where they are produced. The warlike rhetoric must be seen against the backdrop of Trump deploying Cold War veteran John Bolton as national security adviser. Bolton has not registered the collapse of the Soviet Union and still sees Russia as the biggest security threat to the United States, despite the fact that the Russian military budget is 8 times lower than that of the United States.

A few weeks after Bolton’s statements, President Trump confirmed that the United States would terminate the Interstate Missile (INF) agreement concluded between Ragan and Gorbachov in 1987. superpowers had set up in Europe were scrapped. The termination was a parallel to Bush’s termination of the anti-rocket rocket agreement (ABM) in 2002, which opened to the US arming and deployment of anti-missile systems in, among other things. Europe. The development of medium-range nuclear weapons was already part of the proposal to “modernize” and rebuild the U.S. nuclear arsenal from February 2018.

The United States continued its breaches of international order. Also in early October, the International Court of Justice in The Hague issued an order requiring the United States to immediately suspend its sanctions against Iran. The US draconian sanctions were in violation of the two-country friendship agreement in 1955. The US Secretary of State then declared that the United States would ignore the ruling and, moreover, resign the agreement with immediate effect. At the same time, the United States canceled its accession to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations between Countries. Both the sanctions and the United States’ discarding of the PLO’s diplomatic mission in Washington were in breach of the convention and could be brought before the international court. The United States’ fundamental position on international agreements is that they are contrary to the sovereignty of the United States and must therefore be repealed. The superpower has begun a journey back to the Middle Ages where multilateral agreements did not exist and where war was the most convenient instrument for “resolving” international conflicts.

In October, Israel arrested and deported Lara Alqasem, a US student, but with Palestinian grandparents. Alqasem tried to enter Israel, where she was admitted to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she was to study human rights. Israel’s rationale for the expulsion was that she had participated in BDS activities in the United States. It was blankly rejected by her teacher of Hebrew at the University Of Florida, who described her as an open-minded and inquisitive student who had a positive attitude toward Judaism, Jews and the State of Israel. Alqasem’s “crime” was her Arab last name and her Palestinian grandparents. (US student barred from Israel over alleged BDS to fight case in court, Guardian 10/10 2018)

Make America Small Again 11