Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles Airport Highlights

As soon as you arrive at Los Angeles Airport, you probably can’t wait to explore this world-famous area. Of course you start in the city of the same name, a place that is always moving and where there is always something to do.

Car Rental Los Angeles Airport

It is one of the largest and busiest airports in the US: Los Angeles Airport, or LAX. Millions of passengers fly to and from the City of Angels Airport every year. Los Angeles is of course known for Hollywood and the international film industry. The. The airport is also important for the Los Angeles film industry. Not only is the airport the setting for music videos and movies, but the biggest stars also fly from here to all corners of the world. The airport has nine terminals built in a U-shape between which several buses run.

According to Ehotelat, Los Angeles is of course a very exciting city and we understand that you want to get out and explore everything right away. You therefore have the option of selecting and reserving your car online. Then pick up your rental car at 9000 Airport Boulevard.

Traffic At Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles is located in the southwest of California. The airport is located south of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. From the airport it is a nineteen minute drive to the city via the I-110 S and I-105 W. The I here stands for Interstate Highways, America’s national highway network that was established in 1956. The odd numbers are roads that run from south (S) to north and the even numbers are from west (W) to east.

While driving you will notice that there are a number of differences with Europe. For example, the signage is a clear difference, but there are also other differences. For example, markings can be yellow and white, with the outer marking often white and the center marking yellow; a yellow mark can separate a direction of travel. You will also encounter Botts Dots in Los Angeles. These are reflective balls that date from the time when reflective road paint was not yet used.

In urban areas you will notice that people often just keep driving in one lane. This means that you can overtake on both the left and right, but you also have to be aware that other drivers can do this to you.

There is no nationwide speed limit in America, it varies by state. Within built-up areas you drive between 40-64 km/h, but beware of school zones: here the limit is reduced to 24-32 km/h/. Outside built-up areas you are allowed 64-112 km/h, which changes to 88-120 km/h on motorways.

If you decide to leave the state of California, make sure you know the traffic rules in other states. These may differ.

Los Angeles: The City Of (Your?) Dreams

This city is the second largest in America and is best known for the movie industry. Hollywood Boulevard is a recognized historic area that is home to the Dolby Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Walk of Fame is nearly 1.3 miles long and one of the area’s biggest draws. This is where the stars tiles are located that contain the names of celebrities who work in film, music and other forms of entertainment. The Oscars are presented annually in the Dolby Theater. In the Hollywood Hills are the large white letters Hollywood that have become the symbol of this area.

In Santa Monica you will find the world famous Santa Monica Pier and the Ferris wheel that adorns the pier. Here it is always cozy and full of people. You can visit the beach all year round, but you can also ride a roller coaster, take yoga classes or experience Wake up with the Waves, an interactive concert with stories for children.

Which Theme Park Are You Visiting?

Ride the high-speed rides of Six Flags, go for the ultimate Hollywood experience at Universal Studios or meet your favorite characters in the dream world of Disneyland: Los Angeles has a large number of fun, exciting and exciting theme parks for the whole family. Knotts Berry Farm is an amusement park that is perhaps a little less known, but no less fun. The big kids can enjoy themselves in the fast rides such as the Silver Bullet. Xcelerator and Ghostrider, while the little ones have fun at Camp Snoopy.

Los Angeles Airport