Lingerie X Sex Life

According To The Study, 86% Of Men And 71% Of Women Think That Underwear Has A Direct Influence On The Fact That They Find The Pair Attractive

Did you know that choosing your underwear can wreak havoc on your sex life? This message is not only for women but also for men. A survey commissioned by the OnePulse application showed that the vast majority of men and women interviewed agree that lower clothing interferes with how attractive the opposite sex is. More than half of men, for example, said they would judge a woman if she wore unattractive lingerie . The data are from the Daily Mail.

To give you an idea, 86% of men said that the type of underwear has a direct influence on the fact that they find the partner attractive, whereas that perception reaches 71% of the women in relation to the type of underwear their pair uses.

But what is the clothing that most impresses the man? Note, women: sets of lingerie with a pair of matching socks. And forget the corset, despised by men. Only 19% of men like thong-type panties; only 6% would be really impressed with a baby-doll sweater. And 43% of them find women more attractive when they wear matching panties and bra.

The models of panties or boxer briefs are the least attractive for men and women: 59% of them judge a man for this type of briefs, reported by MedicineLearners. They are considered unattractive or old. And 52% of men say the same thing to women who dress with this model.

“We wanted to know from our users what men and women find most attractive in the opposite sex,” said a OnePulse spokeswoman. For Emily Bendell, CEO of the BlueBella women’s underwear brand, research shows how a lingerie makes a person “And that confidence makes her more attractive, so powerful lingerie is for the whole day, not just for the bedroom,” he added.