Historic Downtown Snohomish

Landmarks of Washington, United States

Washington is located in the northwest of the country and should not be confused with Washington DC. In this state you will be overwhelmed by the rugged nature, landscapes and mountains instead of by the presidential residence. Washington has to confess its multiple in the city of Seattle which has more than 7 million inhabitants. In addition, Washington also has its own archipelago called the San Juan Islands. In fact, the state borders Canada. which guarantees natural beauty. That is also the reason why Washington is a favorite America destination among many nature lovers and athletes. The state has quite a few impressive sights including Mount Rainier, the Olympic National Park and the volcano Mount Saint Helens. Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with W.

Washington ‘s Top 10 Attractions


If you are in Washington you should not miss a visit to its largest city. Seattle has quite a few sights, including several well-known museums. This northwestern American city has a hilly landscape and considerable height differences. Of course, Seattle is also known for its port, which is the seventh largest in America. In Seattle you can also visit the famous Pike Place Market. The Experience Music Project building is also worth a visit. This building was designed by Frank Gehry and cost a total of 240 million dollars. Seattle is a vibrant city that also has several nightlife options.

Mount Rainier

The Mount Rainier is a well-known volcano which is located in the National Park of the same name, which has rugged areas such as Sunrise, Paradise and Longmire. With a diameter of 400 meters, the volcano is quite impressive and the center of the park. Because the tops of the volcano are covered with snow and ice, melting creates several lakes and openings in the ice. Actually climbing the volcano is therefore almost only reserved for experienced mountaineers. But, at the foot of the glaciers you can take walks that take you through the special landscape. Although Mount Rainier has not erupted in years, it is still active from time to time.

Museum of Flight

During your visit to Washington you should definitely make some time for the Museum of Flight. You can find this in the Seattle area at Boeing Field. In this museum you can admire the well-known “red barn”. This was the first official workshop of aircraft manufacturer Boeing. In the Museum of Flight you can view various aircraft, as well as parts and objects related to them. Some examples of aircraft you can see here are the Boeing 80 and the Douglas DC-3. Here you can also admire the Lockheed Blackbird spy plane, as well as a replica of a space shuttle. The outside area of ​​the Museum of Flight also houses various aircraft such as the Air Force One and a Concorde from British Airways.

Olympic National Park

The Olympic Mountains are home to Olympic National Park in Washington. This park has diverse landscapes and environments where mountains, coasts and rainforests alternate in rapid succession. In this park, trees with a height of 90 meters are no exception. The park is ideal for a brisk walk. In the central part of Olympic National Park you will mainly find glaciers and mountains such as Mount Olympus. Even if you prefer to walk along the water, you will enjoy this beautiful park. The strip along the coast is no less than 57 miles long and contains many carved rocks and beautiful pools. Here you can also encounter various animals such as various bird species, raccoons and otters.

Mount Saint Helens

The Mount Saint Helens volcano is located in one of Washington’s 39 counties, Skamania County. The Volcano has erupted several times, the last of which dates back to 1980. Mount Saint Helens is a total of 2550 meters high and belongs to the mountain ranges of the Cascade Range. In the immediate vicinity you can take beautiful walks through the so-called “blast zone”. You can also visit the Mount Saint Helens Visitor Center where you can view various exhibits about the volcano and its flora and fauna. Also recommended is a visit to the Johnston Ridge Observatory. Here you can view the crater of the volcano and get a good impression of the impact of the eruption.

North Cascades National Park

The North Cascades National Park in Washington is characterized by its rugged landscapes. Glaciers, tundras and waterfalls alternate here in rapid succession. The National Park is home to various wildlife such as wolves and grizzlies. You can visit the park via a paved road that takes you from the eastern to the western part. Along the route there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view, or to start a nice hike. The park also has a visitor center in Newhalem, just west of the park. You can also admire the 100-foot-tall dam of Gorge Lake, or go kayaking on Ross Lake in North Cascades National Park.

Whale watching

You can also spot whales in Washington. This is best done if you sail from Seattle by boat to the San Juan Islands. There are several shipping companies that make these whale expeditions possible. Besides whale watching, you can also visit a real orca observation area on the San Juan Islands. The best time of year to see these imposing mammals in the wild is between April and October. A whale watching cruise lasts approximately 4 hours and is well worth the effort. It is therefore not for nothing that this place is referred to as one of the best places for whale watching.

Historic Downtown Snohomish

Snohomish is about a 30-minute drive from Seattle. The small village has only 10,000 inhabitants. In Historic Downtown Snohomish dates back to 1858. Since little has changed since then, it’s like being taken back in time. In addition to the friendly locals, you will find nice shops, restaurants and authentic saloons here. The old center is also full of antique shops where you can buy nice trinkets. Historic Downtown Snohomish is also listed on the Register of Historic Places (NRHP), and is well worth a visit. Do you want to make it a multi-day visit? Keep in mind that Snohomish has no hotels.

Historic Downtown Snohomish

Boeing Future of Flight

The Boeing factory and the Boeing Future of Flight can be found in Everett. This is a town about half an hour’s drive from Seattle. Here you can follow interesting tours for which you have to book in advance. During the tour you can visit the immense factory halls, see how aircraft such as the Boeing 767 and 787 are built and admire them in real life in the outside area. You can also visit the adjacent Paine Field Airport, from which commercial United Airlines flights also depart. For a nice view over the runways you should visit the roof of Boeing Future of Flight.


Leavenworth is a small village in which the community used to barely exist from the timber trade that was conducted there. Now it is one of Washington’s most touristy little towns. This is partly because the small center looks more like a Bavarian town than an American village. The facades of the shops and the houses, built in Alpine style, because the small town has brought a lot of fame. The bustling center of Leavenworth is located between mountainous areas, which underlines the Bavarian feeling even more. In winter there is even a festival which is entirely devoted to Christmas lights. The streets are then beautifully decorated and Bavarian folk music can be heard everywhere.