Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Landmarks of Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles in California: City of Dreams, City of Angels. The second largest city in the United States has several nicknames. The most commonly used name is the abbreviation LA, with which most of the world’s population knows which city it is without thinking. Los Angeles mainly owes this to the presence of the entertainment industry. Hollywood is of course known as the place where international films come from. The many stars live in Los Angeles, especially in the exorbitantly expensive neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Those who visit Los Angeles will be surprised in a number of ways. Although the entire metropolis is now With thirteen million inhabitants, there is actually no question of a large city with suburbs but actually an amalgamation of cities that together form the greater LA. Downtown LA is in fact little more than the business and financial heart of the city. Those who visit Los Angeles will have to prepare themselves that the sights are fairly spread out. You will have to drive quite a few miles to see everything. A rental car is therefore indispensable when you visit LA, but it is even more convenient to Discover Los Angeles with a hop-on hop-off bus. You don’t have to worry about traffic and parking. Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with P.

Top 10 Los Angeles Attractions

Venice Beach
With its bustling boulevard, Venice Beach is one of California’s most popular beaches. Many sports can be practiced on and around the beach. For surfers this is a great place to show their skills. With many artistic and creative people drawn to Venice Beach over the years, there are plenty of galleries to visit and art to admire. Many consider Venice Beach to be the most relaxed place in Los Angeles.

Hollywood is best known for its movie industry. Another famous part of Hollywood is the Sunset Strip. This stretch of about a mile and a half consists mainly of boutiques, restaurants and many billboards. The symbol of Hollywood lies in the Hollywood Hills and those are of course the big letters HOLLYWOOD. Finally, don’t forget the Hollywood walk of fame. Many celebrities’ stars line the sidewalks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

Beverly Hills
This California city is best known for its many famous residents. There are many very luxurious houses and other buildings. Beverly Hills can therefore often be found in various films as a set. The world’s most famous zip code zone that a television series was named after comes from Beverly Hills, 90210. There are also several luxury restaurants with world-class cuisine. It is also possible to do different tours. The shopping heart of Beverly Hills centers around Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive is a shopping area with some more upscale designer shops and exclusive boutiques. Names like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel are the order of the day here. It is also a feast for the (fashion) eye to see how the shop windows are displayed here.

Mulholland Drive
In 2001 David Lynch directed the film Mulholland Drive. This cult film begins on Mulholland Drive, where the protagonist’s accident begins the story. Out of curiosity, we (the authors of this site) visited Mulholland Drive because it looked interesting on the map of Los Angeles. The winding road through the hills of Los Angeles was well worth the effort. The reason we put Mulholland Drive in this top 10 is due to the beautiful views you have over the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles basin.

Santa Monica
Santa Monica exudes a chic bohemian style. South of Main street you will mainly find boutiques and restaurants. And on the Santa Monica State Beach is the world famous Santa Monica Pier where you have a great view and there is always a lot of fun. Thanks to LA’s pleasant climate, the lovely beach of Santa Monica is a wonderful place to stay almost all year round.

Visit the film studios
Los Angeles is the city where American films and television programs are made. Much of what is shown on television and in cinemas worldwide comes from Los Angeles. Some movie studios can be visited, such as Warner Bros. Like a real VIP you can take a look behind the scenes of a real film studio.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a museum with more than 100,000 works of art from different countries. The Japanese collection has its own pavilion. There are also European sculptures, modern art, costume and textiles, prints and drawings and much more.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Getty Center
Oil magnate Jean Paul Getty came up with the idea of ​​exhibiting his private collection of art in his own museum. This happened and in 1953 the J. Paul Getty museum was opened. Later, the Getty Center was designed by Richard Meier (designer of city hall in The Hague) and should certainly not be missing from the list of sights. This very imposing building with an even more impressive garden is a feast for the eyes. And then there is the impressive collection inside.

Amusement parks
The city of Orlando is known as the amusement park capital of the world. But also in Los Angeles, theme park enthusiasts can indulge themselves. Major theme parks such as Universal Studios, Six Flags, and Disneyland will keep you entertained for days. Less known to us but also definitely worth a visit is Knott’s Berry Farm. This is a wonderful amusement park that is suitable for all ages. The Legoland California Resort is located between Los Angeles and San Diego. This amusement park is easy to do from Los Angeles.

Within Los Angeles are several ethnic neighborhoods. One that is also interesting for tourists is the Chinese district of Chinatown. You’ll find Chinatown within Downtown LA, near Union Station where China Town used to be.