Dallas World Aquarium

Landmarks of Dallas, United States

To many, Dallas is known for the eponymous television series “Dallas” starring JR Ewing and Bobby Ewing. Everything in this series revolves around money, power and oil. There is still a lot of trade in the city of Dallas. You will therefore find many bank buildings and other financial institutions. In addition, there are also many universities and colleges. Fortunately for the tourist there is plenty to do in addition to this business life and there are a number of very attractive historical places to visit such as the cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe or the oldest zoo in Texas. From the Reunion Tower you have a spectacular view of the famous city of Dallas. There are several museums to visit. Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with H.

Top 10 Dallas Attractions

Dallas Arboretum
The fact that Americans like to go ‘over the top’ is once again reflected in the amazing Dallas Arboretum. What is done here with nature can actually be called art. The park is beautifully laid out and clearly maintained under a strict regime. The gardens are laid out on an area of ​​over 66 hectares. Festivals, concerts and art exhibitions are staged on a regular basis. Due to the great climate in Dallas, this Dallas Arboretum can be visited all year round.

Dallas Downtown Historic District
This old historic part of the city of Dallas is also known as the West End. Tall oak trees, old facades of warehouses, among others, and a variety of diverse street festivals make this part of the city the most vibrant. The neighborhood is known for its many attractions such as the Dallas World Aquarium, The Sixth Museum at Dealey Plaza, horse-drawn carriage tours and The beautiful Old Red Museum of Dallas County on Houston Street. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants in this bustling district.

In addition to a few beautiful lakes, Dallas also has a number of parks spread across the city. The total surface area of ​​these green strips is no less than 21,000 hectares. The most interesting are Fair Park, Main Street Garden and White Rock Lake. In addition to the green heart of the city, the Fair Park is also home to a number of museums, the Music Hall and the Cotton Bowl Stadium. This Fair Park attracts approximately seven million people every year, partly thanks to the many events and sights.

Swiss Avenue
You should definitely not miss this avenue during a visit to the city of Dalles. There are some fantastic old houses here. Because the architectural styles differ, it can be called a very special street. About two hundred carefully maintained homes are located about four kilometers away, none of which are identical. Swiss Avenue is located in eastern Dallas.

Dallas Museum of Art
Since 1984 this museum has been located in the Fair Park. The outstanding collection of pieces by the likes of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin and Claude Monet also includes works by the artist Sigmar Polke. His work is famous for its variation on Pop Art. In addition to the accompanying sculpture garden, there are more than twenty-five thousand works of art to admire in this fascinating art museum of Dallas.

Texas State Fair For
about a month, this famous Texas festival is celebrated extensively at the historic Fair Park in Dallas. The State Fair has been held in this beautiful park since 1886. The large influx of people is mainly drawn by the matches played in the Cotton Bowl Stadium, a ride on the Ferris wheel and the car and BMX Bike shows that take place there. Various shows are also performed for children and of course there are plenty of food and drink options during the Fair.

Dallas Zoo
Founded in 1888, the Dallas Zoo is now one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the state of Texas. It is clear that the zoo is moving with the times. You can even download an app that helps you navigate the park and provides you with all kinds of information. The habitats of the animals have been designed with great care. For example, the elephants live in a created savanna and the chimpanzees have their own forest area.

Reunion Tower
The Dalles 171-meter high observation tower can be found on Reunion Boulevard in the center of the city. With his height, he is actually not to be missed. The sphere on top consists of three floors. It houses a revolving restaurant, a club and an observation platform. At night and on special occasions, the Reunion Tower is beautifully lit up.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
To cross Dallas’ Trinity River, you must use the huge MHH Bridge, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. This newly constructed bridge is no less than 570 meters long and 120 meters wide. Construction cost a total of $93 million. But the result may be there. It is the first steel bridge to cross the Trinity River. Construction took about five years. At night, the bridge is magically lit up, making it a beautiful addition to the Dallas skyline.

Dallas World Aquarium
In a very special location, right in the historic center of Dallas, lies an impressive aquarium. Both saltwater and freshwater life are highlighted here. A real rainforest has even been created on the top floor. This rainforest is based on the Orinoco rainforest. Here you can admire toucans, sloths, salamanders, crocodiles and frogs.

Dallas World Aquarium