Aurora Ice Museum

Landmarks of Alaska, United States

This former Russian territory has belonged to the United States since 1867. Since then, it has become the least populous and largest state in the US. Many inhabitants are descendants of the Eskimos and Indians. The Alaska area is characterized by snow-capped peaks, blue glaciers, water and green landscapes. It is therefore ideal for all kinds of sports and activities such as climbing, kayaking, rafting, skiing, fishing and hiking. With the exception of the border with Canada, the entire area is enclosed by water. Most attractions are located in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage. But places like Nome, where gold used to be found, also attract thousands of tourists every year. Check necessaryhome for a list of U.S. cities starting with B.

Alaska ‘s Top 10 Attractions

Alyeska Aerial Tram
For breathtaking views of the vast expanses of Alaska, it is recommended to do this from the air. A fairly affordable and relaxed way is with the Alyeska Aerial Tram. Located in a well-known ski resort, this cable car has a few minutes’ ride where you can see mountain ranges, glaciers and possibly some brown bears from a closed cabin. At the top is a resort where you can enjoy lunch or a drink.

Katmai National Park
This park in southern Alaska can only be reached by boat or plane. It is located on a peninsula. With a total size of five million hectares, this park is one of the largest protected areas in Alaska. There are about fifteen volcanoes to spot, the most famous of which are the Katmai and Novarupta. As the waters are well stocked with trout and salmon, many bears can be seen in this area as well. Some preparation and information is therefore not entirely unimportant. Look for more information on the website.

sledding It is possible to take a dog sled ride in summer as well as in winter. In the summer it rides on wheels and in the winter through the snow. With such a ride you are completely together with nature in the best possible way. These rides are often offered in combination with a guided tour, demonstrations or workshops.

Portage Glacier
The most famous glacier in Alaska is the Portage Glacier. The former Portage Valley was filled with water from this glacier hundreds of years ago. For a wonderful view of the Portage Glacier, it is recommended to take a boat trip. The Boggs Visitor Center provides more information about this glacier and the Chugach National Forest in which it resides. It is also possible to take a walk along the lake shore where you can get a closer look at icebergs and debris.

Alaska Native Heritage Center
This cultural and information center is located in Anchorage. Everything about the history of the state of Alaska as its native people can be experienced here. In ‘the hall of culture’ all kinds of utensils and clothing are on display that in one way or another have to do with the culture of Alaska. There are also regularly changing exhibitions to visit.

Tenakee Hot Springs
The rather small community of Tenakee Springs should not be missing from the top 10 places of interest in Alaska. This place is quite well known for its warm natural baths. These hot springs are located in a bathhouse in downtown Tenakee Springs. The water has an average temperature of forty degrees (105F). The area around Tenakee Springs is also great for long walks, hiking, kayaking, sailing and whale spotting.

Anchorage Museum
In the center of Alaska’s largest city Anchorage is the museum of the same name. The subjects of history, science and art are central here. Since its opening in 1968, the museum has continued to grow steadily. Due to the constantly changing exhibitions, the interest in this museum remains high. It is also increasingly used as a research center.

Liarsville Gold Rush
For a special experience, we recommend visiting the Liarsville Gold Rush. With a nod to the Klondike Gold Rush or Yukon Gold Rush, you are taken back in time. The gold rush that raged here between 1896 and 1899 brought many prospectors this side of Alaska. The camp is located at the foot of the White Pass Alaska. In addition to a meal of fresh salmon, it is possible to browse the camp and enjoy a show. A piece of history about authentic gold mining is presented in an exhibition.

Aurora Ice Museum
This very special museum is located north of Anchorage in the town of Fairbanks. Where the housing first served as one of the first ice hotels in the United States, it is now a museum where you can encounter all kinds of special ice shapes and sculptures. Some of the carved ice crystals are by the hands of multiple world ice art champion Steve Brice. After your visit to the museum, sip on a molded ice martini glass at the Aurora Ice Bar. Thanks to special technology, the Aurora Ice Museum can be visited all year round, so that a bit of winter in Alaska can also be found in the summer.

Aurora Ice Museum

Alaska Zoo
With more than 200,000 visitors a year, this zoo cannot be skipped in the list of top 10 sights. Among the many animals are beautiful species such as the Siberian Tigers, Camels, Yaks, bears and snow leopards. The zoo was founded around 1969 with elephant ‘Annabelle’ and a few other animals. Slowly but surely, the zoo has expanded into what it is today.