jewelblog hits: Urs Jaermann, co-founder and CEO of Jaermann & Stübi

No other brand has written so central the topic of watches for golfers on the flags as Jaermann & Stübi.  In the interview told Urs Jaermann, who founded the brand together with Pascal Stübi, as he on the idea came to build a watch for golfers, what loads have to endure a watch while playing golf and that even non-golfers benefit from the watches.

URS Jackson brought his passion for golf on the unusual clock idea

bridgat: Jaermann & Stübi is known for its watches for golfers. How did you come to, to link these two themes?

Urs Jaermann: I was always passionate about mechanical watches and have worn since my youth always a quality wristwatch as a Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, a Blancpain or a Rolex bubble back. After a stay in the United States, I came back to Europe as a golf novice. Count the beats for me was an issue, and I was wondering why there was no beautiful mechanical clock, which was helpful. That was the birth of the idea to Jaermann & Stübi.

bridgat: why do golfers need really special watches?
Jaermann: Our watches are luxury timepieces that have an intelligent additional feature for golf players. Therefore, our watches are an expression of a player’s style and a beautiful help when counting the beats. Be it for yourself on a practice round or for the other players in a tournament. Because of the forces that occur during a game of golf, need special protection, a mechanical watch that is worn when playing golf, a shock-absorber.

bridgat: how have you solved the problem of loading on the movement on the tee?
Jackson: The US itself developed and built by complication for counting the beats was conceived from the outset on the forces at play and holds up to 2000 G Acceleration (Note: the 2000 times the normal gravitational acceleration; ed.) from. In the work we opted for a very modern and robust design, the caliber of A10 by Soprod. In addition, we protect work and complication with a shock absorber.

bridgat: this system only in the lab has been tested or have tested the technique in golf, before she left in series?
Jackson: On the basis of existing and available data we had approaches over the acceleration forces acting on the clock: 110 G with a drive of 200 meters. Based on this data, we have designed then the shock-absorber.

St. Andrews links by Jaermann & Stübi: the ring of the SHOC absorber is clearly visible on the work

, We have tested five watches at Chronofiable in the laboratory on shocks from the zero series. At the same time, we have given a more watch at a golf pro in a duration field test. Both tests have passed very well the watches, and then we went into the series.
In a second phase we have a clock that was equipped with acceleration sensors on the dial, started a field trial with a pro and an amateur. This watch had no shock absorber is because we wanted to know the real powers on the work at the golf game. While we have can measure the acceleration on three axes, which have an effect on the plant. The top people that interact with the work at the meeting moment playing golf is moving in the frame from 20 to 30 G. It turns out that the acceleration forces during our watch and our construction were lower than accepted originally by us on the basis of existing data.
With this data, we have then performed another lab test and each with a clock and LCCs, occur a clock without shock absorber is the exact same forces in the game of golf. It has shown that our shock absorber reduces the force by more than 50 per cent on all three axes.

bridgat: how many prototypes remain in the development on track?
Jaermann: laboratory test at Chronofiable remained two watches “on the line”, which means they have switched without pressing the push buttons or have not exactly gone. This however only with shocks of 4500 G, so more than the ten times in a golf swing. No watch “on the track” has remained in the sense of destruction.

bridgat: what technical features, in addition to the shock-absorber, make their watches for golfers especially attractive?
Jackson: We have developed a mechanical complication of its own for the counting at the golf game and patented: number of strokes on each played Loch, total score after a round of golf – normally after 18 holes – and a retrograde played hole. On the rotating bezel, the recorded score can be compared with the respective handicap.
The pusher for pushing the counting mechanism are attached on the left side of the watch, so that they do not disturb the wrist while playing golf and not also to be covered by the glove, the man wears on his left hand,.

Most recent idea Jaerman & Stübi: trans Atlantic with yard metres conversion

The latest model trans Atlantic has also on the rotating bezel a second scale with a table that shows the most common distances in the game of golf in meters and yards. Because all distances on the golf courses in yard are specified in the Anglo-Saxon and we are used to select the right bat, for a distance in metres we want to help the golfers during conversion.

bridgat: there are also explicit Lady variants in the collection?
Jackson: We have the model at the BASELWORLD 2012 Queen of golf, presents our first ladies watch in case 38 mm. The model will be delivered before the end of the year the retailer.

bridgat: the same technical features are incorporated in them?
Jackson: The model Queen of golf has as a basis the same mechanical complication to count the number of strokes in the game of golf and the identical work like the other watches, Jaermann & Stübi. The retrograde for the performed hole and the rotating bezel for the handicap comparison were omitted for reasons of space. The most important functions such as also the shock absorber and the arrangement remained the handle.

bridgat: also in other sports there are strong pressures on a movement, for example, in tennis. At some point once also in watches for these sports will the technique developed by you be?
Jaermann: In principle, you can use our watches for all sports, in which high acceleration forces occur. The model series Royal open which is designed for the golfer with a low handicap and has a counting mechanism, is very well for this. We will develop but no additional functions for other sports, because we want to focus on golf as a sport and lifestyle.