Interstate 97 in Maryland

Interstate 97 in Maryland


Get started Annapolis
End Baltimore
Length 17 mi
Length 28 km
  • → Washington / Annapolis
  • 5 Crownsville
  • 7 → Columbia
  • 10 Severna Park
  • 12 South Gate
  • 13 Glen Burnie
  • 14 → Ellicott City
  • 15 Glen Burnie
  • 16 Ferndale
  • 17 → Baltimore Beltway

Interstate 97 or I -97 is an Interstate Highway in the United States, located entirely in the state of Maryland. The highway is the shortest major Interstate route, with a length of only 28 kilometers, and runs from the state capital Annapolis to the city of Baltimore.

Travel directions

The highway begins at Annapolis on US 50, which runs to Washington. I-97 passes through hilly and wooded areas to the north, and at Odenton, I-97 turns north, while State Route 32, the Patuxent Highway, continues straight toward Columbia, forming a tangential link between Baltimore and Washington. The I-97 then has 2×3 lanes, and soon you pass through the first suburbs of Baltimore. The first is Severna Park, a quiet suburb of 28,000 people tucked into the woods on a tributary of the large Chesapeake Bay. At South Gate one crosses State Route 100, a second tangetial east-west connection. After this, the highway ends at theInterstate 895, just south of Baltimore. I-895 is a toll road and bypass of Baltimore.

  • See BABYINGER for a list of Maryland public libraries by county.


Part of the route, from Baltimore to just past State Route 100, was originally numbered State Route 3. This stretch existed as a four-lane road in the 1950s, and was probably upgraded to freeway in the 1960s . In 1993, the southern link opened along Severna Park to Annapolis, completing the highway.

It is currently the shortest two-digit Interstate Highway in the United States, the only two-digit Interstate that lies entirely within one County, and the only two-digit Interstate that does not connect to other two-digit Interstate Highways.

Traffic intensities

120,000 vehicles drive daily on the south side of Baltimore, rising to 156,000 vehicles south of the MD-100 interchange at the Glen Burnie suburb. This drops to 124,000 vehicles in front of the MD-32 interchange and 119,000 vehicles south of it. 91,000 vehicles a day drive to the terminus in Annapolis.

Annapolis, Maryland


Annapolis is the capital of the US state of Maryland. Annapolis is located on the US east coast on Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis has a population of 36,408 and is located near the cities of Washington DC and Baltimore Annapolis was founded in 1649 and is named after the British Queen Anna. Between 1783 and 1784, Annapolis was the capital of the United States and the seat of the United States Congress. Annapolis was the first capital in peacetime. The United States Naval Academy is located in Annapolis.

Battle of Antietam

Battle of Antietam
Date September 17, 1862
Location Sharpsburg, Maryland
Result Northern States
Warring parties
Northern States (Union) Southern States (Confederation)
George B. McClellan Robert E. Lee
Troop strength
87,164 men 38,000 men
2,108 dead 9,549 injured 753 prisoners/missing 1,567 killed 7,752 injured 1,018 prisoners/missing
American Civil War Portal

The Battle of Antietam (English: Battle of Antietam) was a battle fought during the American Civil War on September 17, 1862, at Sharpsburg, Maryland. The battle took place between the Confederate army led by General Robert E. Lee and the Union army led by George B. McClellan. The Battle of Antietam is part of the Maryland Campaign. The battle of Antietam resulted in the most deaths in one day during the entire war. Only the Battle of Gettysburg was more deadly, but it lasted several days. During the war, Confederate General Robert E. Lee decided to invade the state of Maryland . Maryland, though a slave state, was loyal to the north. In this way, Lee tried to circle the American capital Washington DC. The Union army led by McClellan therefore decided to launch a counter-attack on Lee. This eventually led to the Battle of Antietam, in which more than 22,000 were killed and wounded. Although McClellan managed to stop Lee, his army suffered heavy casualties. Lee moved further into Maryland after the battle. The Battle of Antietam was a turning point in the war. General McClellan refused to pursue Lee, after which President Abraham Lincoln replaced him. Lincoln also signed the Emancipation Proclamation after the battle, which was the first step in abolishing slavery. In addition, the battle prevented the French and British from recognizing the Southern States as an independent country.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is the largest city in the US state of Maryland with 637,418 inhabitants in 2009. It is also the 20th largest city in the United States. Baltimore is located on the Patapsco River and the Chesapeake Bay. The city is one of the major ports of the United States. Several universities are located here, including the best known: Johns Hopkins University. The most famous museum is The Walters Art Gallery.

Partner cities

Baltimore Skyline

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Interstate 97 in Maryland