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Hawaii Pacific University Student Review


The “campus” is located in the pulsating Honolulu Downtown, which is actually the only really big city in Hawaii. Here students and the business world meet directly and it has a very multicultural charm. This is also reflected at the university, because almost all nationalities are represented here, as well as professors and students – the whole world is represented. This is a really positive aspect as you get to meet each other in such a small space with so much different cultures. The lessons cannot be compared with those at German universities and are more like those at the upper level. There are around 20 students in a course and a dry lecture from the professor is not to be expected here, oral participation is encouraged. The teachers are all really nice and very helpful. The material to be dealt with in the courses is not very demanding, but it is a lot and you actually have something to do every day and learn throughout the semester. If you take four courses that is completely sufficient, as you will be overwhelmed by homework, presentations, Qiuzz tests and exams.

I would recommend Waikiki as my place of residence. Despite the fact that you then have to take the bus to the university for half an hour and it is known as a tourist stronghold, it is simply the most beautiful here. There is always something going on on the streets, there are plenty of opportunities to go out in the evenings, right on the beach, about 15 minutes from the nearest major shop and relatively safe. A minus point is certainly that the apartments are relatively expensive … But it’s really worth it! At least I haven’t regretted it and would do it again and again.


You can do activities here until you drop … There are really a thousand possibilities and actually a semester is far too short. You should definitely rent a car a few times and drive a bit of Oahu, as the bus takes way too long. The most beautiful beaches by far are Kailua Beach and Sunset Beach. If you want to see high waves, you should definitely go to Waimea Bay. The best thing is to just buy a travel guide and visit as much as possible, it’s worth it. What you should definitely do is island hopping, because every Hawaiian island has its own charm and is worth a trip. Four days are enough for the island and very cheap one-way flight tickets from $ 39 are available from Go-Airlines, where you can spend the night in various hostels or camp. You should definitely rent a car, because there is really NOTHING there except nature! It is also recommended to look at “Expedia” for complete offers.


The weather is actually always good and fluctuates between 25 and 38 degrees. So you don’t usually need long trousers and sweaters. Except in the university and in other public buildings as well as in the bus, the air conditioning is always running at full speed!


A semester abroad in Hawaii was the best decision I could make. Even if you have to cover a long flight distance and it is relatively expensive compared to the American mainland, the weather and the wonderful surroundings are comforting.
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Honor Societies - Hawaii Pacific University