Galaxy J7 Covers: See Fun, Stamped and Even Anti-Impact Options

The Galaxy J7 is a dual-chip Samsung phone that was launched in Brazil in 2015  and is currently sold for $ 1,000. Among the color options are white, black and gold-all with chrome accents. For those who already have the phone or plan to buy it, another option is the covers that serve to protect and style the device.

The use of waterproof or sturdy covers is ideal to leave the cell phone less vulnerable to damage. The best thing is that the layers give a different look to the smartphone, with patterned patterns, characters and even the most discreet, such as the transparent version. In the list below, percomputer offers seven cover options for the Galaxy J7.

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1) Wallet With Wallet

Those looking for practicality should like a cover with wallet function. The model has internal compartments for placing money, cards and documents. In addition, the design helps protect the screen of the Galaxy J7, thanks to the lid and the back, leaving the device scratch-free. In Brazil, it is possible to buy the basic wallet cover, with plain color, for prices starting at R $ 12.50, while the colored or printed options leave for R $ 26.60.

2) Anti-Impact Cover

Looking for a slim and tough cover at the same time? The anti-impact model promises to keep the phone safe from minor drops and scratches. The cover covers the back and side of the smartphone, but retains the openings for connectors and cameras. Available in black, the accessory can be found for values ​​close to $ 20.

3) Stamped Layers

To make the appearance of the Galaxy J7 more fun, it is worth searching for a printed cover, with characters, floral, metal effect and wood, among other decorative motifs.The model covers the back and sides, with spaces for the camera and connectors (micro-USB cable and headset). These skins can have silicone body and more rigid plastic material, according to the brand, for price starting at $ 24.90.

4) Discrete Covers: Plain Or Transparent Colors

Anyone who just wants to protect the phone from scratches on the back should opt for a plain or even transparent color model. So you do not hide the design of the phone, because the cover covers only the cover and the sides, with openings for cameras and USB and headphone jacks. Another advantage is that the basic accessories have cheaper prices, starting at $ 9.90.

5) Cover “Armor”

The “armor” hood, also known as super-tough hood, is a well-sought after option. The hood ensures anti-impact safety and scratches. The model covers the back and side, as well as trying to maintain a slim design, not to greatly increase the weight and size of the phone. Some of these cases have Military MIL STD 810G certification, recognized by the United States Armed Forces. It costs from $ 79.99.

6) Fun Capes With Characters

Those who like the most eye-catching canines can search for models with characters.The material is usually flexible silicone and covers the back, with apertures for camera, flash and connectors. The highlight is in the visual that surpasses the measurements of the cellphone with fun details. For example, the Pikachu model, for those who plunged into the wave of Pokemon Go, costs from $ 39.90 in online stores.

7) Waterproof Cover

Ideal for traveling or taking pictures underwater, the waterproof cover has full gasket. The accessory still protects the phone from scratches or sand during use. Even with the protection, you can use your phone’s screen, which is interesting for checking notifications, recording videos and taking pictures without putting your cell phone at risk. The price is from $ 19.99.

It is worth remembering that the Galaxy J7 does not have in its datasheet the resistance to water. In case of liquid damage, it is high the possibility that Samsung will not be responsible for the repair of it.