Ellington, Connecticut

Ellington, Connecticut Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to SMBER.COM, Ellington, Connecticut is a small town located in the northeast corner of the state, near the borders of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is a rural community with a population of about 15,000 people and encompasses an area of approximately 44 square miles. The town was incorporated in 1786 and has been growing steadily ever since.

The towns bordering Ellington are Tolland to the north, Somers to the east, East Windsor to the south, and South Windsor to the west. Each of these towns have their own unique history and attractions that make them worth visiting. Tolland is home to several historic sites including Old Town Hall, which was built in 1775 and is now a museum dedicated to preserving the town’s past. Somers is known for its scenic views of Mount Tom State Park as well as its numerous antique shops that line Main Street. East Windsor has a quaint downtown area filled with boutiques and restaurants while South Windsor offers plenty of shopping opportunities at The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk.

Ellington itself offers many attractions for visitors to explore including historic buildings such as Ellington Congregational Church which dates back to 1784 as well as six other churches built between 1810-1850 that are still standing today. There are also several parks throughout town including Ellington Park which features walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, ball fields and more; plus Waterford Town Beach located on Crystal Lake which provides swimming opportunities during summer months; and Rockville Park which features basketball courts, baseball diamonds and a large outdoor amphitheater offering free concerts throughout the summer season.

Outside of these attractions there are also numerous fun events held throughout the year such as antique shows at Old Town Hall in Tolland; craft beer festivals at various breweries around town; farmers markets featuring locally grown produce; plus holiday celebrations like 4th of July fireworks over Crystal Lake or Christmas tree lightings downtown each December. No matter what time you visit Ellington there’s sure to be something exciting going on.

Ellington, Connecticut

Population of Ellington, Connecticut

Ellington, Connecticut is a small town with a population of just over 15,000 people. Located in Tolland County in the center of the state, Ellington covers an area of approximately 44 square miles. The town was incorporated in 1786 and has been growing steadily ever since. As of 2019, Ellington is home to 15,087 residents with a median age of 41.2 years.

The racial makeup of the town is 92.6% White, 2.2% Black or African American, 1.3% Asian, 0.4% Native American and 4.5% from other races; 1.8% are Hispanic or Latino of any race. The majority (72%) of the population identifies as Christian while 24% identify as having no religious affiliation and 4% identify as belonging to another religion including Judaism and Islam respectively.

The average household size in Ellington is 2.45 people; 32% are married couples living together while 12% have children under the age 18 living with them and 56% are non-families made up primarily of individuals living alone or with roommates/partners/friends etc.. The median income for households in Ellington is $74,921 per year; however this varies greatly depending on family size and composition with an estimated 21% living below the poverty line according to 2019 US Census data estimates..

In terms of education level attained by residents 25 years old and over; 90 % have graduated high school or higher while 34 % have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher and 10 % have obtained a master’s degree or higher according to 2018 US Census estimates..

Overall, Ellington provides its residents with a quiet suburban lifestyle that offers plenty of opportunities for growth both personally and professionally while still providing access to all the amenities one might expect from larger cities nearby such as Hartford (22 miles away) for shopping and entertainment needs or New Haven (44 miles away) for business opportunities etc.. With its diverse population, excellent educational opportunities, low crime rate and close proximity to several major cities it’s easy to see why so many choose to call Ellington home.

Schools and Education of Ellington, Connecticut

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES.COM, Ellington, Connecticut is home to a number of excellent educational institutions. The town is served by Ellington Public Schools, a district that includes six schools: Center Elementary School, Crystal Lake Elementary School, Windermere Elementary School, Ellington Middle School, Ellington High School and the Ellington Independent Day School. The district has been ranked highly in the state for its educational excellence and has consistently scored well above the state average on standardized tests.

The Center Elementary School offers education for students in grades pre-K through 4th grade. It features a nurturing and supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential with an emphasis on the development of life skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Crystal Lake Elementary serves students from kindergarten through 4th grade and offers a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on technology integration. Windermere Elementary also offers education from kindergarten through 4th grade and focuses on providing students with a solid foundation to prepare them for success in middle school.

Ellington Middle School serves students from 5th grade through 8th grade and provides an academically rigorous curriculum with an emphasis on developing strong reading comprehension skills. It also offers elective courses such as music, art, foreign languages and physical education. At the high school level, Ellington High serves students from 9th grade through 12th grade and provides college preparatory classes as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses in various subject areas such as math and science. Additionally, the school has many extracurricular activities available including sports teams, clubs and student organizations that promote leadership development among its student body.

Lastly, Ellington Independent Day School is located within town limits but is not part of the public school system; it serves grades 5-12 with an emphasis on providing a college preparatory program for its students. This private institution prides itself on offering small class sizes which allow teachers to focus more attention on individual student needs while still providing challenging coursework that prepares them for college success.

Overall, Ellington residents benefit greatly from having access to some of the best public schools in Connecticut which provide excellent educational opportunities for all levels of learners – from pre-K all the way up to 12th grade – while also offering plenty of extracurricular activities that help foster leadership qualities among its student body.

Landmarks in Ellington, Connecticut

Ellington, Connecticut is a charming New England town that is home to some of the most beautiful and unique landmarks in the state. Located near the Connecticut River, Ellington is known for its rolling hills and lush green landscapes. The town has a rich history and offers visitors plenty of attractions to explore. From historical sites to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone in Ellington.

One of the most popular landmarks in Ellington is the historic Ellington Congregational Church. Built in 1740, this church was one of the first religious institutions founded in Connecticut and has been a cornerstone of the community ever since. Its beautiful architecture features a steeple topped with a bell tower and large stained glass windows that give it an unmistakable charm. The church still holds services every Sunday and visitors are welcome to attend or take a guided tour around its grounds during regular hours.

The Ellington Town Hall building is another popular landmark in town. Built in 1820, this building was once used as an official meeting place for local government officials but now serves as an interesting museum that displays artifacts from Ellington’s past such as old furniture, photographs, documents and more. Visitors can also take part in guided tours around the building to get an up-close look at its impressive architecture.

Ellington also offers plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy such as hiking trails, fishing spots and camping sites at Crystal Lake State Park or Great Hill Recreation Area. There are also many parks located throughout town including Veterans Memorial Park which features monuments dedicated to local veterans who served their country during times of war or peacekeeping efforts abroad. Additionally, there are several golf courses located nearby that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside while providing an enjoyable game for all skill levels.

Overall, Ellington has much to offer visitors looking for a unique experience full of history and natural beauty alike. From historical buildings to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone here no matter what your interests may be.