Elkton, South Dakota

Elkton, South Dakota Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to SMBER.COM, Elkton, South Dakota is a small town located on the border of Minnesota and South Dakota. It is part of the Brookings County, South Dakota Metropolitan Statistical Area and has a population of around 1,500 people. The town is surrounded by a number of smaller cities and towns that offer plenty of activities for locals and visitors alike. To the north lies the city of Ortonville, Minnesota which boasts beautiful parks, trails, and lakes for outdoor recreation. A bit further south lies Milbank, South Dakota which offers an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

To the west lies Corona, South Dakota which is home to some great restaurants such as The Barley House Pub & Grill as well as other attractions like a historic mill and an old-fashioned general store. To the east lies Twin Brooks, South Dakota which is home to some great golf courses including Elk Run Golf Course. Further south lies Sisseton, South Dakota which offers plenty of shopping opportunities at its local stores as well as outdoor activities such as fishing at Lake Traverse or exploring nearby wildlife areas at Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Reservation.

In addition to these towns that border Elkton there are also several nearby cities that provide additional opportunities for entertainment and exploration including Aberdeen (the state’s third largest city), Watertown (a city with plenty of shopping opportunities), Sioux Falls (the state’s largest city with lots to do), Brookings (a college town with plenty to explore), Yankton (a historic river city with lots to see) and Huron (a small but vibrant community).

No matter what your interests are there is something for everyone near Elkton, South Dakota. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or shopping opportunities there are plenty of options within a short drive from this small town. With its convenient location near many larger cities it makes for an ideal place to visit or even call home.

Elkton, South Dakota

Population of Elkton, South Dakota

Elkton, South Dakota is a small town with a population of 890 people, according to the most recent census. The majority of the population is white, making up approximately 85% of the population. The remaining 15% is made up of Hispanics, African-Americans and Native Americans. The median age is 36 years old and there are about 250 households in the town. The median household income in Elkton is $45,000 per year and the median home value is $86,000. Education levels in Elkton are similar to other small towns in South Dakota with a majority of adults having at least some college education. There are two elementary schools in town as well as a high school and community college located just outside of town.

The economy of Elkton is mainly agricultural-based with many residents working on local farms or ranches or employed by local businesses such as restaurants or stores. Hunting and fishing are also popular activities for both locals and visitors alike due to the abundance of wildlife that can be found throughout the area. There are also many recreational activities available such as camping, hiking, biking, boating and more. Overall, Elkton provides its residents with a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by nature that offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation.

Schools and Education of Elkton, South Dakota

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES.COM, Elkton, South Dakota is home to two elementary schools, a high school and a community college. The elementary schools serve the town’s K-5th grade students and feature small class sizes as well as a variety of extracurricular activities. The high school serves grades 6-12 and has multiple sports teams, clubs and other organizations for students to join. The community college is located just outside of town and offers courses in a wide variety of subjects ranging from business and accounting to healthcare and engineering.

The educational system in Elkton is highly regarded by residents as well as those who live in nearby towns. Education levels throughout the area are higher than the state average with most adults having at least some college education. The town also provides access to adult education classes, free tutoring services, libraries and other resources that can help individuals improve their educational skills or prepare for further academic pursuits.

Elkton offers its residents an array of options when it comes to education, from public or private elementary schools through community colleges or universities. With so many options available, Elkton is an ideal location for families or individuals seeking quality educational opportunities close to home.

Landmarks in Elkton, South Dakota

Elkton, South Dakota is home to a variety of landmarks that attract both locals and visitors alike. The town is located in the Missouri River Valley, providing stunning views of the surrounding countryside. One of the most popular attractions in Elkton is the historic Lewis and Clark Trail, which was used by the famous explorers as they made their way west in 1804-06. Along this trail is a replica of Fort Mandan, where Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1804-05. Visitors can explore this replica fort as well as the nearby interpretive center to learn about this important part of American history.

The local area also offers plenty of other landmarks for visitors to explore. The Elkton Community Center houses a museum that showcases artifacts from local history such as farm equipment and Native American artifacts. Just outside town lies Bear Butte State Park, which provides breathtaking views of South Dakota’s Black Hills region and offers hiking trails, camping spots and other recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.

For those looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, Elkton is also home to a variety of unique attractions such as an old-fashioned saloon, historic churches and even an abandoned mine that can be explored by visitors. No matter what type of landmark you’re interested in seeing or exploring, there’s something for everyone in Elkton.